Love and Life, Dear Paris

Love and Life, Dear Paris

stained glass light

{stained glass chapel unknown artist}


Oh Paris… what is going on? Why is this insanity happening? What does Paris represent to this world? What words describe Paris?

Beauty, strength, complexity, artist haven, light and colors,,poetry in form, song and melody in the wind, romance… LOVE.

Not…Terrorism, death, panic, unrest, closed borders… These are words of the past lingering now.

Not now, yet how do we not think and wonder about the changes in the world and what is one’s part in this drama.

For me, who has always wanted to visit Paris and someday, I am; I am focusing on the positive history of Paris… revolutions have happened and the people regained their power. The Nazi came and the French kicked them out with a little help of their friends. France will thrive again as it is thriving now. France illustrates power of the people for the people… words and thoughts of inspirational gifts to America from France.

I pray for the ending of this insanity and madness of these times with giving thanks for the inspirational power of the French to overcome adversity and prayers for those loss and their families.  May the healing be loving and blessed all involved.

The world is changing more with the realization of we are the change. Our thoughts and actions change the outcome. Nothing is written in stone and the prophecy is only a warning of possibilities. We can change that now.

Focus on the love, beauty and grace of the French people and country…with love and inspiration. It will quicken the healing and move forward the positive outcome we are wishing.


Amour et la vie chère Paris!!


{mother thersa quote}

{mother thersa quote}