Conversation with Jennifer Hillman

Life, Relationships, Spiritual

Start Living Your Life Today

Goal Setting

Got a dream and need accountability to get it done? Need an action plan or need to brainstorm about the plan?

Relationship Coaching

Need to understand what is going on with your relationship? with yourself, friendships, family and romantic interest…

Spiritual Growth

Ready to truly find your authentic essence and connect with your inner self, inner child,
and Spirit Guides?

Other Areas Questions

Pet readings, Medium reading, Tarot reading. Learn the powers of meditation, Shamanic practices, Kabbalah, Buddism and more related subjects.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Now is the only time you know you have and would you like to know you are doing and being all you have the potential to live your dreams?

What Is Intuitive Life Coaching?

Intuition and Coaching?

Jenn uses her intuitive abilities and gifts to assist in finding the inner answers her clients may be looking for. Her abilities help her find the obstructions in the way to her clients’ goals.

What are Jenn's abilities and gifts?

Jenn has the six sense abilities of sight, hearing, feeling, knowing and taste. She uses all of them, though one stick out more depending on the client. 

How does Jenn do the sessions?

Jenn has done 1000’s of sessions through the phone, in person and chat/email. She has worked as a psychic advisor on Astrocenter & PredictMyFuture, and under Jen Virginia. Also doing as private sessions.

Mediumship? Past Lives? Animals?

I have an amazing time connecting with the other side and other realms. Mediumship abilities allow me to be a translator for your spiritual guides, those who have passed over and with animals.

How Do I know If Spiritual Coaching is Right For Me?

Ask yourself when you feel a change is needed and
you’re not sure what way to go?
Are you feeling like your life is off center or stuck and
you want to know you are on the right course?

When you feel you need a change.

When it is time, you feel it like an itch or inner anxiety.  You feel on an edge and know it is time for something new. 

You know you are worth the investment.

You know you need to give to get and you appreciation what a Spiritual coach can offer to get you on the right track.

Want more magic and ease in manifestations

You want to manifest something(s) and you feel blocked, limited or not sure how to use the Universal Laws. 

Ready to let go of the past and move forward

You are done, had enough and want to live your dreams, yet not sure the next step to do it. 

Curious about spiritual matters

You follow your daily astrology. You are wondering who your power animals are for you. Interested in manifestation. Want to talk to the “otherside”.  You noticed repeating signs, like in numbers or repeating songs on the radio and wonder what is up with that?

My Approach

The way I conduct the session is simple to connect to the client’s energy by having them tell me about the situation or issue or by asking a question.
I am able to then sense and receive the information and answers to the questions.
I am direct and can be blunt, while using a sense of humor to ease any tenseness and to relax the client.
The sessions are easy to get and prepaid.. You push the button and pay for the minutes you want when I am available.

It is time to follow your heart.
Follow that inner voice whispering and achieve those dreams; fulfill your bucket lists now.  We all need encouragement and accountability at times. Your time is now. 
If you follow your heart every day, the Universe will support you with manifestation and magic. Allow your magic to come alive. 

How It Works

Call for your 1:1

$2.90″Jenn makes it easy to call. You click on Let’s Talk button.

The price is $2.90/minute,
$174.00/ 60 minutes
$87.00/ 30 minutes



Call for Your Plan

There are a few ways to have your session. If you would like just one session or have a quick question, you can contact her through the online phoneline.


Reach Your Goals

  Every day you are following your heart, the Universe will back you up with manifestation and magic. Allow your magic to come alive. 

Still Have Questions?