Abstract Illusions Radio (AIR) Returns

Abstract Illusions Radio (AIR) Returns


Abstract Illusions Radio is returning to WLOR.net this Wednesday at 4pm pacific time 7pm eastern time. The first guest is Astrologer Len Wallick of PlanetWaves.net. We will discussing the shifts of energies happening now and throughout 2015.

Others invited to the show are Ty and Dana Gorall, founders of TheTattooedBuddha.com; Filmmaker Ian Lawton on his project, The Dharma Bum and Inspirational speaker Steve Marabolli.

As the intro says…
Welcome to Abstract Illusions Radio with host Jennifer Hillman.
The show explores and reveals the human potential through creativity.
so enjoy the show to create a life you love.

I would like to thank Sherri Emily of WLOR.net, Richard Drake (voice & production of intro) and Martin Spence for the background music, “Pacific”.

Stars of Knowing

Stars of Knowing

starry skies jj free to be me

{via starry skies jj free to be me}

I had a vision that the stars were falling.
Looking and searching for you.
Each song written were whispers from you to find me.
A call to linger a little longer in this magical love
as big as the universe and filling every atom in my being.
Years upon years, we have played this game.
Afraid to meet, yet being friends forever.
The turns and twists of this “relationship” driving us
mad with passion and wondrous inspirations.
People wonder about out sanity.
Knowing the time is near to meet.
Knowing the reality is just an illusion.
Knowing the truth
from those stars falling are
a bit of you, looking for me.
Find me, I’m yours.~jh

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