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Weddings: New Beginning, New Life With Love

Jennifer is an intuitive, light-hearted and joyful officiate. She feels immense satisfaction in assisting couples have joyful and memorable ceremonies integrating their very truest selves with love and delight. Jennifer enjoys writing the ceremonies with the bride and groom in mind as she loves the challenges of creating unique rituals and working in non-traditional settings. Being certified as minister since 2005 by The Universal Life Church and the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregations, she enjoy the moments of assisting beginning.


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While Jennifer has a deeply spiritual core that keeps her centered and balanced, she has a light-hearted and amusing side to her as well. With a deep appreciation for the devotion within a relationship, she feels grounded in loving-kindness and in the genuine beauty of connection and relationships and works at being grateful every single day. It is this deep love, respect and joy that Jennifer brings to her work with wisdom and joy.


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She loves connecting with people about their weddings or other ceremony requests and assisting them for their needs with a reasonable price.


The package includes: