The Trap of Remembering: Go to the Present Moment

The Trap of Remembering: Go to the Present Moment

The Trap of Remembering Better Times: Finding Happiness in the Present Moment

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the nostalgia of “better times.” We often find ourselves reminiscing and longing for more serene and less chaotic moments. However, dwelling on the past can trap us in a cycle of dissatisfaction and prevent us from fully experiencing the present. This article explores the concept of focusing on present happiness and breaking free from the allure of nostalgia. By shifting our perspective and asking reflective questions, we can discover the keys to genuine happiness.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Temptation of Nostalgia
  3. Living in the Present Moment
  4. Asking the Right Questions
    • What Makes You Happy?
    • Defining Your Happiness
    • Pursuing Happiness vs. Being Happy
  5. Challenges in Embracing Happiness
    • The Complexity of Simplicity
    • Societal Influences on Happiness
    • Self-Worth and Joy
  6. Looking Within for Answers
    • Reflections of Inner Reality
    • Receiving Actual Value
    • Embracing True Worthiness
  7. Shifting Thought Patterns
    • Changing Perspectives
    • Overcoming Fear and Attraction
  8. The Changing Landscape of Communities
    • A Glimpse of the Past
    • The Fragmented Present
    • Seeds of Change
  9. Alteration of Perception
    • Wayne Dyer’s Wisdom
    • Co-Creating Your Experience
    • Transforming Reality through Perspective
  10. Conclusion
  11. Frequently Asked Questions


In a world of constant change and challenges, it’s natural to yearn for simpler and more harmonious times. However, dwelling on these memories can lead to a disconnection from the present and hinder our ability to find happiness. This article delves into the dynamics of nostalgia and offers insights into how to escape its clutches.

The Temptation of Nostalgia

Remembering better times can be enticing, especially when life’s difficulties seem overwhelming. The allure lies in the comfort of familiarity and the belief that past moments were somehow more enjoyable or stress-free. However, this mindset can prevent us from fully engaging with the present, robbing us of the joy in the here and now.

Living in the Present Moment

To find true happiness, focusing on the present moment is crucial. The current reality holds opportunities for growth, connection, and contentment. By redirecting our attention from the past to the present, we open ourselves up to experiencing life more fully and authentically.

Asking the Right Questions

What Makes You Happy?

Before pursuing happiness, it’s essential to understand what genuinely brings you joy. Whether it’s simple pleasures, meaningful relationships, or personal achievements, identifying these sources of happiness empowers you to prioritize them. Defining Your Happiness. Happiness is a deeply personal experience that varies from person to person. It’s essential to define what happiness feels like and looks like to you rather than relying on external standards or comparisons.

Pursuing Happiness vs. Being Happy. The pursuit of happiness can sometimes overshadow the act of actually being happy. It’s essential to balance setting goals and finding contentment in the present moment.

Challenges in Embracing Happiness and The Complexity of Simplicity

Ironically, our pursuit of happiness can complicate our lives. Simplifying our priorities and focusing on what truly matters can lead to a more fulfilling and joyful existence. Societal Influences on Happiness are many. Society often imposes standards of success and happiness that might not align with our authentic desires. Escaping these pressures requires self-awareness and a commitment to defining happiness on our terms.

Self-Worth and Joy. 

Our sense of self-worth is closely tied to our ability to experience joy. Exploring and addressing underlying feelings of unworthiness can pave the way for genuine happiness through understanding and affirming that you are more than enough. When we come to appreciate the experiences, they are just an experience without any meaning unless we give them some internal value.

Looking Within for Answers by Reflections of Inner Reality

Our external experiences mirror our internal reality. Taking time to introspect and understand our emotions can lead to a more harmonious external world. Opening our hearts to receive value and appreciation is essential for nurturing happiness. Recognizing our worthiness of positivity and joy can transform our outlook. We are embracing True Worthiness. Feeling worthy of happiness is a prerequisite for experiencing it fully. Letting go of self-doubt and embracing our inherent value can unlock a world of contentment.

Shifting Thought Patterns and Changing Perspectives

As Wayne Dyer eloquently said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Shifting our perspectives and choosing to see the positive aspects of life can lead to a happier existence. Our thoughts and fears can influence what we attract into our lives. Consciously focusing on positivity and letting go of fear can bring positive changes.
Wayne Dyer’s insight underscores the power of perception. We can create a more positive and fulfilling reality by altering how we view the world.

Co-Creating Your Experience

We play an active role in shaping our experiences. Taking responsibility for our perceptions and choices empowers us to create the happiness we seek. We are transforming reality through perspective. As we co-create our experiences, we can transform our reality by changing our perspective. We can find true happiness by focusing on the positive and embracing the present.

In a world that constantly beckons us to reminisce about “better times,” it’s crucial to recognize the trap of dwelling in the past. Happiness is not solely found in nostalgia but in embracing the present moment positively. By asking reflective questions, fostering self-worth, and altering our perceptions, we can break free from the chains of the past and experience genuine happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is it wrong to remember the past? Remembering the past is not bad, but excessively dwelling on it can prevent you from fully experiencing the present and finding happiness in the here and now.
  2. How can I find happiness in the present moment? Focus on what brings you joy today, whether simple pleasures, meaningful interactions, or personal achievements. Practice mindfulness to stay grounded in the present.
  3. Why do societal standards affect our happiness? Societal norms often emphasize external markers of success, which may not align with our true desires. Defining happiness on your terms rather than conforming to others’ expectations is essential.
  4. How can I overcome feelings of unworthiness? Start by acknowledging your value and worthiness of happiness. Engage in self-care practices and seek support from loved ones or professionals to address underlying feelings of unworthiness.
  5. Can changing my perspective make a difference? Yes, changing your perspective can significantly impact your experience. By focusing on the positive aspects of life and shifting away from negative thought patterns, you can create a more joyful reality.

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Truths Dwell within the Silence of the Desert

Truths Dwell within the Silence of the Desert

Goddess Isis Visits with Wisdom to share.

Silence of the desert dwells…Yet not just in Egypt. This is a story of the desert of the soul, the heart… most of all… the mind. Each part has the truth—truths to be revealed within the nights of the soul, the heart, and mind.

The mind’s journey through the desert comes within the physical of life. The dreams within the dream of a man or woman are where the mind dwells. Surrounded by arid land of wonder, convince one to continue on and on…in search of something, what? Only the mind knows yet looks outside at the dry, hot, seemingly empty dust space. This is the land where I met the Goddess Isis. She came in a vision of pure white light, Powerful yet feminine in grace. “Look, Child” … “Look around you and see… each grain of sand is you; you and all your aspects, lives, and adventures. The dreams you have lived, the dreams you have died for, the love that lives and dwells within you… you are a survivor. Each grain has a message for you. A beautiful love note of solitude and grace awaits you. Sit within with the mind and absorb your truths within each grain of sand. Remember all of who you are now. The sands of time never forget and always forgive.” Isis faded, and I sat in the warm sand, feeling the grains between my fingers. The sands of time began to dance and melt to a flame, awakening my mind to the realities I have lived, lessons I have learned, and knowing all is revealed to those who are patient and focused with intention.

Feeling the heat, little water, and great thirst for truth, the mind does go looking outside as it continues searching for the nurturing sip of water, Searching for the comfort of answers, knowledge, and truth. How one realizes the well of all you need only sometimes comes to mind. Trial and error serve its purpose. The different ways and paces of walking across the sands, the time of travel, the distance, and the convenient methods of giving up and surrendering… Surrendering to what? To the desert, to the elements, to God, Source or Truth, Or simply to self and the God spark that dwells within.

Wisdom is a convenient thing to lend with things go awry for you. I lived in an actual desert for over twenty-five years, learning to understand the beauty within this arid lucid land. The wisdom of survival is available in every part of the desert. Finding the simplicity of living life fully and still empowers the mind to let go and trust the nature order of life and its eternal grace.

With the glow of the Goddess’ Light, the moon High Priestess, Isis showed other aspects of the mind. The gentle peace of the mindless and meditative state that comes with the silence of the desert’s cooling breeze in the midnight hour. Beyond the physicality of the land into the mystic, life within life will be the ultimate reality of your heart’s desires.

The mystic within you gives rise and shine in the sands of the desert. Many eons of dreams be born within these dunes. Each brings promise, heart, and soul to life…and death. You are the child of the stars and came like a dew drop of morning sunshine upon this land. “Understand, dear Child… do understand the implication of your existence like these grains of sand; each has a purpose, yet none at all. Praise each one for the little and the lot of them. Smile now.”

“Dream now… breathe in the truth that lives, like the raindrops of the cloudy skies…the tears of your heart…like the blood inside you runs, pulsates through each moment.” “Alas, we meet again, here in this place of mystic illusions dance. Come with me into the depth of this place…called your heart. Like the sun, the center gives life to all your dreams…your truths in this space live a life in waiting. So, you learn patience and persistence in this place. This is the space of intuitive guidance, where you gain the open door to the wisdom hidden in your soul.”

“The heart and soul are connected to your past, future, and now. They blend and dance with the sand with the music of the stars to make your dreams come true.” Your soul is the most profound sense of self. With the help of your heart, the soul has memory banks and brings all your wishes into the physicality of the mind to manifestation. Trust yourself is trusting your heart, soul, and the Universe that lives within. There is nothing more you need to trust. You are all you need for your dreams to come true. And with this trusting wisdom, the universe’s secrets are yours for the creation. So, go now. Live to the fullest of this moment allows and know it is all in perfect order as you created it to be so. As Above, So Below… in the splendor of the ages, you bring forth all around you. Understanding this gets all the sweetness the world has to offer. Enjoy this moment as the sands of time collect them to be remembered and forgiven with grace unto the midnight full moons each month. Time is endless, as you are. Speak your truth with kindness, and the universe will return the kindness. Your motivations are changing like the shifting winds across the dunes. Surrounding you with much magic to serve you and serve you well as you understand the secrets revealed to you now. Trust, dear Child… trust yourself and smile. The Goddess Isis faded into the moon’s brilliance, leaving me with a deep blissful feeling of love. The unity of the mind, heart, and soul brings the magic alive with each breath in love and kindness beyond the moment. Looking at the vast openness of the desert, I felt immense peace in my spirit. I give thanks for this moment and hope it serves all well. Namaste.

Originally published on the closed site, the Possibility Place on 2012/09/20