1 on 1 conversation or group, discussion on concerns and situations.
Pre-paid, per minute.
Jenn is available for events as speaker or business support.


Through phone, chat, email or Skype, you can have a session with Jenn.

Simply set up contacting her, pre-pay for the session by the time length you wish.


As you ask your question, Jenn has the ability to recognize key blocks and concerns through your voice. Then may asking you questions to fully complete the picture.


I-Notion of Being is a self-paced class of self-awareness of your current choice of attitude. Introducing tools and options to understand your focus into an emotional mode of understanding with forgiveness and trust. Coming soon.

Where Dreams & Thoughts Can Become Reality!

Unlock the boundless potential within you and turn your aspirations into tangible achievements with Jennifer Hillman, the esteemed Intuitive Coach. With her profound insight and empathetic guidance, Jennifer empowers individuals to transform their dreams and thoughts into vivid reality. Her remarkable ability to tap into the depths of your subconscious mind will unveil hidden desires and unleash the power of manifestation. Whether you seek clarity in your career, relationships, or personal growth, a session with Jennifer Hillman will illuminate your path and propel you towards unparalleled success. Embrace the extraordinary journey of self-discovery and witness the magic unfold as your dreams intertwine seamlessly with reality under Jennifer’s expert guidance. Dare to dream and let Jennifer Hillman empower you to make them a remarkable reality.

All The Right Things

Angels Intuition

9 Reasons Why Talk to Jenn?

  • Anyone who has a concern about a situation…career, life, or relationship and wants and is willing to improve it
  • Anyone who desires to increase their understanding about their purposes, blocks, or depth of self
  • Anyone who has goals and wondering how to achieve them or concerns about achieving them
  • Anyone who feels “off” or easily overwhelmed
  • Anyone who wishes to reach their highest potential
  • Anyone who has questions about soul purpose or life journey
  • Anyone struggling with everything and wants to release the blocks creating them.
  • Anyone who has a dream and is confused by the meaning of it
  • Anyone who wants to connect and understand their pets and animal totems
  • Click on the button and contact Jenn.

Jen was referred to me by a friend and she has been a major help getting through one of the toughest times in my life. The first conversation I had with her I was suicidal, and she has helped me tremendously with different techniques and helped change my mindset. Every time I need a comforting, reassuring word pertaining to my situation she is right there giving me that kick I need to keep going and do what I need to do.

~ Travis Ayres
Broadcast Journalist,
Draper Communications

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“I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you! I thought about you often the past few weeks, not just because of the quotes you’ve been posting but because you were tough with me when I needed tough love. You made me dig deep and really work. For every “but” I threw out, you had an answer. For those things, I am truly grateful. You knew exactly what I needed when I needed it.”

~Maryann Hollis
Founder & CEO of AngelWolf Wellness

Maryann Hollis

Founder & CEO, Angel Wolf Wellness


Jennifer Hillman has been a professional intuitive adviser since 2001. Known as JennVirginia on and PredictMyFuture. She has also worked with and (2009-2016) and a few other phone sites. She has participated in psychic fairs and other charity fundraisers.

Jenn now works more through her own site as she can save her clients time and money working directly on her site. She is available through this site for personal or group sessions. You can use this link to call Jenn when she is available. The rate is by the minute speaking with her.
Jenn is on a pre-paid basis for all her sessions.

Space within the Chaos

The power in words… spoken and unspoken

Those in-between spaces of breath and voice
Like Silence’s kissing the soul in reverence
Of joy and the misery
Balancing realms of imagination and illusion
that fine line of truth and experience
As smiles turn to laughter into tears of trust
Embracing the moment of awe external
yet living within the internal being of everything…
being coy, shy and the mystery
wisdom sneaking out of the cells and atoms

A wink or was just a blink?
Magic comes in all forms
Like the touch of a raindrop rolling down your face
or was a tear releasing your fears
Sensing the divine mystic brilliance expanding and exploring
in spaces you didn’t know existed
Those hidden pockets within
those in-between spaces of breath and being

Deeper than the depth of shallow doings
Connection of stardust and mirroring colors streaming
Across the night sky
and opening the way for the sunbeams blazing…
Vibrate, jittery pulse sauntering presence.

Words rambling with the oneness knowing
The passing of transparency glare of reflections
of nature and love’s devotion

Sipping the moonbeams in heated tea or coffee,
like the mystery lingering
among the tree branches dancing in the breeze.

Grounding again in Mother Nature’s sweet embrace and returning to center
Intact; more than whole. ~jh

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