the greatest wealth

the greatest wealth


{artist: -Chellelee-Nichols}

{artist: -Chellelee-Nichols}

“The greatest wealth is a poverty of desires.” ~Seneca~

I recently wrote the Universe
Knowing in truth
a note to myself
about the parallel and oppositions
flowing through my mind
choices made
lessons learned
loses and gains

the presence of truth
the beauty of love
the grace of sensing
all the world within me

looking at my experiences
materially and spiritually
counting the blessings
in the loss of most material things
opening the heart
to the spirit

feeling an emptiness
of desires
of wanting to do this or that

wondering if I am out of alignment?
perspective off in some way?
Is my integrity intact
as I did stop walking my talk
In the sense of doing that and this?

Just didn’t have the need, want or desire for it

Feeling just a strange knowing
Of peace,
Of joy
And Being.

Embracing this…
Seemed odd
And somehow not right

Now realizing in truth
I am right on due course
To true Self
Living a freedom
Alien to me before.

Busyness not needed
My mind seems wanders
Maybe I ought to be doing
Then I stop and ask myself
a simple question

Is this my mind or my heart/soul speaking?

The words vanish most of the time
Unless the heart/soul speaking
The nudge to get moving start kicking in

I just smile with the brilliance of the signs
I am receiving for confirmation to my letter
Eight simple words placed before my eyes
“The greatest wealth is a poverty of desires.”
From the wisdom of Seneca

That emptiness is filling with love, joy, and compassion
As my world lifts up and beyond my mind’s desires and needs.
Knowing my needs and desires are already met.

It is worth repeating…
“The greatest wealth is a poverty of desires.” ~Seneca~

Embrace your emptiness
and let your heart fill it with Love
and the universe will deliver just what you need. ~jh


Winds of Inner Child’s Dreams

Winds of Inner Child’s Dreams

image by jennifer hillman

image by jennifer hillman


Standing under the stars, wondering
The Brilliance of the mind, soul and being
Peace in the Universe of Love and Light
Bringing understandings of the moment of now
Standing under the stars, wondering
The Brilliance of the mind, soul and being
Peace in the Universe of Love and Light
Bringing understandings of the moment of now
Hug oneself
And allow the true self
To come out and dance
Among the stars’ sweet music
And the song within the heart…
Magic lingers
In the whispering
Of the wind soft breeze…
Gently telling the stories of youth
Manifesting your dreams
As you told the stars of them clearly
Softly within the songs of the heart
Remembrance of the child playing
Laughter and smiling reign in all
The joy of living and simply being
Wishing now for it all again
Listen well my friend
As those winds tell you how
To begin again in youthful tales
The magic ways of youth can live again.~jh

Divine in Purple

Divine in Purple

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Music died again yesterday
Or was it just a piece of my heart
perhaps the universe needs more purple
in the galaxy
another star to shine a bit brighter
to show us the way home.

Tears in shades of purple
cover the world today
flooding with the impact
of the genius
5’2” powerhouse of song and verse
original, passionate, revolutionary
songwriter, musician, producer~

ARTIST in every form of the word.

Touching God with one hand
while embracing the world’s soul
with the other
living life his way
on a purple motorcycle of coolness
and divine goodness living in his heart

He died in an elevator
on the way up to Heaven,
after telling his fan
to save their prayers a couple of days.

We are all praying for him now.

He now graces the Universe with his brilliance.
Through songs, he got us through
kept us up and rallying
be your uniqueness and giving us permission
to “Let Go Crazy.”

We are all Diamonds and Pearls.
Thank You Prince Nelson.
Your Music of Love forever Lives.


RIP Prince… the music royalty in Heaven got you now.

#ripPrince #ripPurpleRain