Shamanic Journeys



Each living creature has a message, a lesson for us
to listen…to learn. Some have many that are represented by one family and some for the individual. All are here to assist us in understanding the fine balance of living in unity with the whole.



Mother Earth gifts us a wide variety of minerals and precious stones. Each has a unique frequency of the harmonic of the planet and universe within each.



Beauty, Medical, Healing, meditative and purity of life. Plants and flowers add to the whole of who and what we are. With plants and flowers, we gain an understanding of the sense within the magic of the balancing.


Meditation made easy. Just standing out in nature the essence of nature brings us center into our truths.
Take a moment each day and look at what surrounds you. Urban life with a tree or a patch of grass, a mountain in the distance.
Nature grounds up like gravity with beauty, grace and appreciation for the simple things in life.