Whispers of the Wolf

Whispers of the Wolf

woman writing

magic reborn as your heart opens
as the starlight touches your soul
as sunlight born in the morn, dancing with snowflakes so pure.
embrace the wonderment of each moment
with a knowing inner child’s heart of your brilliance blazing. ~jh

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The pressure started building inside and I sit still and feel. Staring upward towards the stars and wanting to breathe. That inner voice shouts, “Breathe!” and I exhale. Slowly inward and out, focusing on the heartbeat and lungs moving, still looking at the stars. Thinking how beautiful they are, wishing to touch the edge. It has been days without writing a word and like not breathing, I got dizzy for the lack of expression. Small moments of inspiration came and I just looked at the words I had written in the past and now wondered if I will ever write like this again. It isn’t writer’s block. It is the dabbler looking for the next fix for my addiction of adventure and this human experience. I did the writing thing, yet I still have many stories to write about the bizarre experiences I have been through in the last decade or so.

Looking up, whispering for the next fun for me… to challenge myself. Even though doing my websites are challenging at times. I have no excitement for them and linger in the peaceful joy when I took them all off. Yet that pressure tells me other things. The responsibility to my promise to myself… to express myself into the world as I support others in their expressions, knowing it is part of my path.

I just want to run with the wolves and disappear, yet those wolves are giving me a look of “NOT YET.” Embrace my past and allow others to understand the depth of who I am. So I write my poetry and my story. My book of life has many chapters that I am working on and have been for some time. Timing is divine and those wolves are whispering the time is near. I am getting plenty of hints of remembrance that have recollected through the last 15 years in this reawakening.




The wolf was the initiator for me into this awakening adventure. While on camping in the White Mountains of Arizona, a Grey Wolf came to the edge of camp. Amazing with the fact I have two dogs with me. The wolf stared an invitation to run with her as her eyes gazed directly at me. My female dog, Kuma broke the rope holding her back and she ran with the wolf. I followed and ran. I accepted the invitation to run into the adventure as I knew that the wolf was staring at me alone. The dogs didn’t frighten the wolf. She only wanted me to follow her. I ran for a half hour without seeing her or my dog again. I went back to camp and soon Kuma came back. I was amazing to see this wolf, yet she was family to me.

I later found out that there were no wild wolves in the White Mountains at that time. The spirit wolf is my main totem and my teacher. Akitas are a close relative of the wolf and I was taught by four of them. And I did learn from them many aspects of life and about myself through their actions. She wolf opened my soul wide and allowed me to see my truth in this lifetime. My life changed after that meeting and I began to understand that I was here to experience through many different forms and ways. The senses peak at the point of conception of the edge. And the wolf is the spirit of communication.

As I spiritually with the wolves, the pressure grows to write and shine my magic into the world. I am reading “Women Who Run With Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés, reaffirming my connections with this incredible animals and guides. 

Trust that inner voice and thoughts whispering to me. I feel the changes happening inside of me; the realigning of the past, present and future as I express myself in words, verbally and written. Feeling the subtleties of words, spoken and unspoken as my intuitive side expands. Focusing on joy, I know that expressing through art opens doorways for me. Collapsing parallel timelines comes into the power of knowing timelessness to empowerment.


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Art opens the heart, mind and soul to the Truth of each of us…
As an individual and as a community.
Art has the power to heal, connect, and express what can’t be done in any other way.
So to the artist within each of us, the time for you to come out and play is now…
Through music, poetry, writing, performance…
In whatever form of expression that has been lingering within you…


Whispers of the Four Winds

Whispers of the Four Winds

The whispering comes from The Four Winds this day. They open my heart and speak the truth with purpose, the calling and intentions… for this site is the reflections of my journey.

The Tree of Life -Cycle of Life
North ~Hidden Fear
East ~The Unfolding
South ~Nurture
West ~Clarity
North ~Commitment

The Tree of Life brings the cycle of life, the circle returning completely to start again, the return to the stars, we all dance in this opera, film or book of our own stories and song. I sing out loud within the Silence.

The Shadows of the North shows the facing of the internal fears lurking within and lessons of life, through relationships ~ family, friends and love: those fears are the illusions and lessons of the past surfacing to be faced, embraced and forgiven. The simplicity of life’s journey is only as hard as we refuse or resist our inner truths.

With the Unfolding of my story brought me a hint through a dream at the magical age of thirteen. Lessons through finding the secrets of life shown to me in month long dream, much like a film or a series. We all know our journey, no matter how overwhelming it may become; we know essentially we are safe. From the East winds comes this promise of reassuring that we are having the experience of living and the magic of your heart waits for you in the willingness of being human, in touching and being touched.

The grounding energies of the South Winds, the tender nurturing of this adventure with the many experiences of this lifetime: some will be along the rocky mountain trails, taking away off the shallow and superficial, allowing your truth to surface. Each step is guided, if you pay attentions to the whipping winds, keeping your journey protected and nurtured. We stop to reflect and gather the hidden treasures along this path we have selected.
The South Winds sing the importance of walking the trail of your heart, regain the magic of the child at play, and find joy in the power of the ordinary, hiding within the extraordinary. Be one with the heartbeat of life, through fully embracing it. Love endures all, healing the hurts and hopes shared.

This West Guardian reassures the journey with the ancient lore of the universe. As we do know, all wisdom is within us for the recalling. The west is the realm of reflections, offering the clarity from the lessons along the path, revealing the truth with razor-edge exactness. The momentary pain set all the burdens free with the truth understood. As we accept the hurt created, healing begins with love, which brings compassion to the forefront of your life. Bring all into the Oneness of all you truly be and thrive.

The cycle of life returns to the North, opening the way to clarity and action. Returning home and moving beyond time into new dimensions. It is a place to honour the process and progress of your life’s journey, re-connection to that inner voice, the higher wisdom and the courage to answer the call of the four directions of life… continuing to move with inspiration and motivation to express the endless moments of living the human experience with magic of the soul, adventures of the heart and most important, love.


Wisdom of the Four Winds cards

Hello world!

Hello world!

I have had many generations of JenniferHillman.com and here I go again.
My last adventure in sharing a little more about my world was hacked badly, so I took the site down, took a break and regrouped/ refocused my energies.
So first of all, thank you for stopping back and I do hope you enjoy your visit to my world of creative, spirituality and adventures.
My mission in this lifetime, by choice, it is to experience much of the human experiences through relationships, emotions and creation through the variety of art forms. With this being said, I have passions for words as you will see through my many writings.
I am one of those people who came in with her light switch on a bit higher and understanding the nuances of living on this earthly plane hasn’t been the easiest. I have learned lessons and I share them with you. I am offering just a little bit on this new moon in Aries. New beginnings! I thought it fitting with my rising sign in Aries to launch this site, knowing I have still more work on it.

Enjoy yourself and come back by again. I will be adding a store of my books, meditations and consultations links.

This is the blessing I channelled this morning:

Go within to see your dreams and potentials. All is within with love.
Allow yourself to witness and gather your dreams and go. Live lucidly again.
Breathe and set yourself free. Dream a dream into reality.
You dance with the stars as you dance with love. Your soul knows the way.
Trust and be free as you follow your heartbeat and move into truth. ~jh