Animal Medicine

Animals have their individual medicines and each brings a different perspective to learn!


March 21, 2018
Ted Andrews


Animal Medicine
Bird Medicine

Animals have communicated with humans since the beginning of their relationship. Animals are the messengers of Nature, Goddess Gaia, and Mother Earth…the nature spirit world.  For more information on connecting with the inhabitants, I strongly encourage getting the book or CD called Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews.  I have been blessed with taking a workshop with him and talking with him directly about my encounters in nature.

Much of this information is from his books, along with Medicine Cards by Janie Sams & David Carson.


These animals are the most commonly seen and for the most uncommonly seen animals. I am doing this by groups: insects, reptiles, birds, animals.  I am limiting this to a few of each group. Again, get Ted Andrews’ books, CDs, and Animal Tarot… It will open your world to Nature in the most beautiful ways.




ANT – Industriousness, Order, Discipline and Patience

BEE – Fertility and the Honey of Life

BEETLE – Resurrection

BUTTERFLY– Transmutation and the Dance of Joy, Transformation

CATERPILLAR – Good Luck, New Birth

DRAGONFLY – The power of Light, Illusions

GRASSHOPPER – Uncanny Leaps Forward, Trust Inner Voice

SPIDER – Creativity and Weaving of Fate, Maintain Balance, Death/Rebirth, Weaving

FLY – Stability even within indiscriminate and unhealthy environments.

MOSQUITO – Temporary irritations & attacks upon self-worth, extra protection needed

MOTH – Fertility and Increased relationships

SCORPIO – Dynamic transformation through secret passions and desires

SNAIL – Protecting vulnerable emotions and spirits

TICK – Unbalanced Relationships

WASP – Protective nourishment, role fulfillment, Dreams fulfilled through practical efforts




Alligators and Crocodiles – Primal Energies of Birth, Motherhood, and Initiation Integration

Frogs – Transformation through Water and Sound, Cleansing

Lizards – Subtlety of Perception, Lucid Dreaming, Listening to One’s Only Intuition, Detachment

Snake – Rebirth, Resurrection, Initiation, and Wisdoms

Turtle – Motherhood, Longevity, Awakening to Opportunities




Blue Jay- The right use of power

Canary – Power of Song and Voice

Cardinal – Renewal Vitality through recognizing self-importance

Chicken/Rooster – Fertility and Sacrifice/Sexuality, Watchfulness and Resurrection

Crane- Longevity and Creation through Focus

Crow/Raven- The Secret Magic of Creation/ Magic, Shapeshifting and Creation

Dove – Messenger of Spirit, Energies of Peace, Maternity and Prophecy

Duck – Emotional Comfort and Protection

Eagle – Higher Perspective, Illumination of Spirit, Healing, and Creation

Finch– New Kinds of Experiences, Variety and Multiplicity (look at color is important)

Flicker/Woodpecker – New Rhythm of Growth and Healing Love/ Power of Rhythm, Discrimination

Hawk – Messenger, Visionary Power and Guardian

Hummingbird – Tireless Joy and Nectar of Love.

Owl – Mystery of Magic, Omens, Silent Wisdom and Vision

Peacock – Resurrection and Wise Vision (Watchfulness)

Pelican – Renewed Buoyancy and Unselfishness

Penguin – Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection (Going Between Realms)

Robin – Spread of New Growth

Sparrow – Awakening and Triumph of Common Nobility

Turkey – Shared Blessing and Harvest

Vulture – Change in Digestion, Purification, Death/Rebirth, New Vision

Wren – Resourcefulness and Boldness





Badger – Keeper of the Stories, Bold Self-Expression and Reliance

Bat – Transition and Initiation, Facing Fears

Bear – Awakening the Power of the Unconscious, Introspection

Boar/Javalina – Fertility, Fidelity, Strength, Family Protection/ Facing Fear

Bobcat/Lynx – Secrets, Silence/ Vision of the Hidden and Unseen

Cat – Independence, Mystery and Magic

Cougar/Mountain Lion/Panther/Jaguar – Claiming One’s Power/Leadership

Coyote – Wisdom and Folly, Trickster

Deer – Gentleness and Innocence

Dog – Faithfulness, Protection, Companionship

Dolphin – The Power of Breath and Sound, Messenger of Spirit

Elephant – Ancient Power, Strength, and Royalty

Fox – Feminine Magic of Camouflage, Shapeshifting, and Invisibility

Horse – Freedom, Power and Travel

Javalina/Wild Boar – Having the courage to face your greatest fears.

Kangaroo – Time of Forward Movement

Lion – Assertion of the Feminine and The Power of the Female Sun

Monkey/Apes – Communication and Expression

Mountain Lion – Reclaiming One’s Power

Moose – Primal Feminine Energies and the Magic of Life and Death

Mouse – Attention to Detail

Otter – Playtime, Sharing, Joy

Polar bear – Great teachings and Supernatural Power in Physical and spiritual realms

Prairie Dog – Community

Rabbit- Fertility and New Life, Defense

Raccoon – Dexterity and Disguise

Rams/Big Horn Sheep – Seeking New Beginnings

Rat- Success, Restlessness and Shrewdness

Skunk – Sensuality, Respect, and Self Esteem

Squirrel- Activity and Preparedness

Tiger – Passion, Power, Devotion, and Sensuality

Whale- Creation, Power of Song, Awakening Inner Depths

Wolf – Guardianship, Ritual, Loyalty and Spirit

Zebra – Agility.  Not Strength Brings Success, Individuality within a group




the interconnection of all
Ceremonials and ritual to give back to Mother Earth while reconnecting to the Oneness.


“Humans are a part of creation and shamanism is our way of connecting with the whole.”
― Will AdcockShamanism: Rituals For Spiritual Journeying And Creating Sacred Space

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