INOB ~ Individual Notion of Being



INOB – Individual Notion of Being
Goals and Mission of the Workshop:

  1. To improve your awareness of your motives, both conscious and subconscious pattern and the payoff or gain of that pattern
  2. To expose and explore the hidden aspects of self – through the thought patterns
  3. To teach you to the right questions in situations and how they are a benefit or a detriment.
  4. If one is a detriment, find the benefit or the cause of that thought pattern
  5. Discovery of the fears, meet them and change them into motivator and less a trigger.
  6. To build a relationship with Self and all sides of Self.
  7. This system is a manageable process, only take on what you are willing to find in yourself.
    The process consists of using a journal, pen and looking at individual situations or issues to find the reasons for the outcome… this outcome isn’t what you wanted, yet you created it.

Welcome to INOB, Your Individual Notion of Being. Your choice and interconnection of the mind, body and spirit in a harmonious and abundant way of living…
INOB is a catalyst for self-awareness through self-pace program in helping you understanding who and what you are, where you are and where you want to be.


  • Are you keeping positive thoughts and proactively involved with your desires?


  • With this, are you finding yourself unable or having trouble manifesting those heart’s desires and aspirations?


  • Do you feel blocked and unsure about where to go and what to do to remove those blocks and obstacles in your life?

INOB will show you have you may have been self-sabotaging yourself and ways to stop that from happening again.

How this was developed?

By going through my own process of understanding my patterns, habits and addictions, I developed this program to recognize and ways to reprogram and redevelop a more balance view with self respect, confidence and forgiveness.

Through simple and easy techniques, the INOB program will help you figure where you are and where you want to go. It will teach you seven areas of your life that are interconnected and work together to make that dream life a reality.


By sitting still with a journal and pen, answering a few questions that ask you…
About your Mindfulness… Are being honest with yourself about your attitudes, emotions and goals, including your self-esteem?
Through this honesty, you will understand your Light and Dark sides... beginning to shine more light into your shadow. You will be able to interpret your Shadows and change them from being unbalance with your Light to start to create ways of promoting your Light through motivation and creation.

You create and manifest mirrors around you in people, situations and thoughts. In this level you will develop discernment on how your Fears, Ego, Mind Shadow are helping you sabotage yourself and turning your dreams into nightmares.

By ending your nightmares, your Faith in your self will return. Ending your self doubts and through gaining Faith..

You will trust yourself and the situations around you. Trusting that you are in control of the situation and what you are manifesting in your life is exactly what you truly want in your life.

Leading you into the one of the most important things you have for yourself… Self-Love.  This is having the balance and prosperous living at its finest.

The last part of this program is you will have growth in consciousness… a total awareness and appreciation for who and what you are… where you came from and now are going… with an acknowledge of the little sabotaging bumps aren’t bumps anymore. You will become center in your INOB… so welcome to your INOB…Your Individual Notion of Being.

So if you want to take control of your life, have your dreams be a reality through understanding ways to get around those sabotaging obstacle, Check out INOB at today and get the best of out of life so life doesn’t get the best of you.

Thank you and many blessings to you.

Individual Notion Of Being (INOB)® is a division of Inner Strength Coaching Program®