Jenn Hillman Reflections

Jenn Hillman Reflections


~Jenn Hillman Reflections~

Jennifer Hillman, an observer and visionary of humanity… brings her healing voice and point of perspectives to the page through the words of her heart, spirit and mind. Her thoughts are ask oneself what is going on inside and within. Blessed be the words of the heart and expressions of the beauty that surrounds and surrenders to the now moments.

Originally started on in August 1, 2008…on a new moon, I started writing reflections of situations and lessons learned… the differenting perspections. Many times inspired by a quote or an event and often filled with gratitude for the growth…of myself personally and my writing skills. I read what I wrote during this time and I am amazing of the wisdom and insights.

I have often wondered “who wrote that?” as I channel or remain in a trance while writing.

I had stopped posting on this blog in 2015 and now decided it was time to share more perspective through the naunces gained and do some more healing in the process.

So please click and share as you wish…
Jenn Hillman Reflections

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