Resources & Lists

  • Always great talking to Jen. If you want real honest answers with someone who seriously cares for your personal growth, Talk to Jen. I will always come back. ~SSpunk714
  • She is so awesome!! She gave me a clear picture of what was gonna happen. She even helped me find a perfect way to get through it that helped a lot.
  • I called in desperate because I felt stuck! Thanks Jen. She actually mentioned something that no one else knew. I actually am working on two books and that was the answer I needed. Writing now!!! ~ Stuck No More
  • She is straight forward and very comforting. I love her cause there is no doubt she has my best in interest.
  • Looking for information on future and was very insightful, positive. Knew some things right off the top and was very supportive. Will call again and recommend. Will let you know how things progress.
  • When I am having a ruff time and can’t see clearly, she always helps me out!
  • thanks so much for confirming my belief and you were right! he does like me! i’m excited now to see where it goes from here. and thanks for career advice too – your ideas are working for me. thanks ~love on the rise
  • Very good and to the point reading. I am connected to her for past 2 years and her reading is always exact and helpful
  • She knew exactly what i was going through and told me what the results would be. I’m very satisfied with our reading…….~empresstigris
  • Absolutely great! She picked up on things and have great advice for the future! I will call again.
  • Always a great help for me and accurate. Can definitely count on what she is saying. ,)
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