In Those Little Things

In Those Little Things

{color me impressed/fb}

{color me impressed/fb}


Found in the little things we do daily
the habits, good or the bad
Intentions made manifest
Is this really what we desire?

Found in the little things we do each moment
a smile, a doubting thought or maybe simply numb?
Intentions wait for instructions for manifest…
What do we really want?

Found in the little things we do in breathing
Love ourselves, enjoy the moment’s reflection
Intentions unknown and on automatic
Do we realize what we trust?

Found in the little things we take for granted
The sun, a flower, a bird’s song, a friend’s call
a hug and smile, the warmth of love, balance in abundance
Intentions natural and always within reach
Could this really be in our dream?

Time to time
I fall into darkness
wandering around in the unseen, yet felt
the depth of denial’s hug
finding the little things hidden
The habits and automatic leaps into the negative

Those little things that means so much
allow and accept these visits within
for the magic is also quietly dancing, smiling
as the inner child just cries in the silence,

echoing into the nothingness of dreams,
after getting lost in the in-between space of living.
Ego pushed the inner voice into silent.

Yet I feel the difference with the inner lightning
and this is way I let go and fall into the darkness
to light the way and find those little things.

So I stop and count the blessings
I clean and sweep, hugs and heal…
the inner child looks up as the magic takes her hand
as I listen closely to those in-between space
and the void of dreams unmanifest.
Feel the quivering of my soul’s heart relieved
as I manifest those little dreams in the reality I live. ~jh


#Trust Your Inner Voice/Child




Innocence of Home

Innocence of Home

{via too funky divas/fb}

{via too funky divas/fb}

Enter the room of Innocence
where you are pure and wild;
imagination and inspirations breathe
while dancing with the stars of brilliance;
sipping slowly the truth of your existence;
purpose, trust and Divine
mingle in your mind
like heartbeats and soul
Questioning nothing
as you are the Love you really be

the rat race of material and needs
have no space or desire..

You are the raindrops and music notes
expressed, rippling through the universe.
The atom of true love is all you be

here… you are HOME
here… you are abundance
here… you are infinite

You are Love. ~jh



Between the Lines

Between the Lines

{unknown artist}

{unknown artist}

Between the Lines of
Black and White;
Yes and No;
of Stuck and Move;
Noise and Silent;
Hidden and Seen;
of Peace and CHAOS;
Wrong and Right…

The Between the Lines
is Center of BEING
The Centre Sun of Dreams
and HOME…

Get there and Be FREE!

Yet Knowing

Yet Knowing

woman writing










Mind scattered
Overactive and undeceive
Visions of the missteps,
mistakes into lessons
laughing now after tears flowed
clearing the way to something now
stepping up with ideas
embracing them
find my way to completion
just get them done
Virgo comes to visit
details unfolding
offering what I have
not sure if it matters.

Reminding myself to center
in chaos swirls in the living
feeling the shadow’s caress
in the early mornings

the memories repeating
shaking me awake to breathe
Chiron and Neptune came to visit
lists of things still to do
seeing it continuing
growing distance to completion
knowing and sensing where I am to be
yet not.
overwhelming and
yet knowing too this is all temporary.

so write for a moment
clearing it all out of me
while listening to music
hearing the songs of other’s struggle
agreements being here
wishing the outcome was different
yet knowing it is for the best.
Surrendering and acceptance
The downfalls, rising to fall again
Yet knowing to rise again
Finding the balance in heart and love
the ways of the human experience expanding
Like the dream, one may want to wake up from
yet knowing within the unknowing
that is all it is. ~jh

Yet Knowing

Other Side of Blending

Droplets On a Glass

unknown artist

Mixing and dancing

Oneness open and wild

Able and yearning

For more than just a chance

Music mending the broken hearts

Of broken dreams and promises

Allowing the acceptance

Of learning of the mind to heal

Presence and protection

The heart still with the oneness

The many sides of emotions

Felt on many levels of perception

We stand on the point of blending

Understanding the truth of this dance

Life is Being

Perspective of presence

Connection and intermingling

Magic and Mysteries

Music and Mayhem

Mysticism and Myths

Knowing we are just a puff of smoke

Lingering in the winds of time

in and of LOVE. ~jh