Easy Does It Well

Easy Does It Well

Push the easy button and let go the frustration, impatience of forcing life your way. It will go easier that way. ~jh

I learn this lesson many times and many ways and when I push that button and relax, amazing things happen and manifest with such ease. Sure, you got to do the action bit, yet you don’t have to get in your own way while doing that.
It like writing a blog, Yes, I “should” be writing daily. And in the past I have for years. It is wonderful to open that connection, yet right now I wrote when inspired to write.
It is just the way I feel these days. I have been looking through those  years of writing journals and blogs, poetry and articles. I sit back, laughing at all the words and processing I have down.

I am still processing, yet going through those journals open me to just how much I have grown since I started this “new” me. One of the poems I wrote says, “Free to be me!” and I have been continuing to discover just what that means to me now. Quite different than it did then, as I am still learning lessons on relationships with others as I was crazy wanting love. I know now, “I am love and loved” as my guides pointed out to me in my car accident of 2003. I know it without a doubt. That is a huge something for me.

As I still have the wolf pack dancing around me, with a few other energies joining the gathering, I feel good, whole and happy. Sure, I have a two or three miles of projects to do and I am slowly working on prioritizing them now. I sit in the stillness of the early morning and listen. Listen to the whispering of my dreams upon waking and sensing the emotions felt. I don’t rush around now as I use to. I do what I feel needs to be done. I count my blessings and think of the inspirational people around me. Things upcoming that I know I must work on, such as a guest list for Abstract Illusions Radio is returning to WLOR.net soon. New banner to work out.

So what are you focusing on these days? Is it giving you a sense of peace and love? Or just stress? Are you frustrated by the timing of the project finally being complete or have you realized that it may not be complete, and just a change of lifestyle.

Breathe in now… Exhale. Thank you.

We aren’t going to move any faster than we can while doing our best and we can’t change others to go faster either. So chill out. Count the blessings and how far you have come for just a few moments. Things are progressing wonderfully.  Appreciate yourself for a moment. It will make a different on your response to the energies right now.  Enjoy each moment fully embracing the potential of what is manifesting in your life. This is why I am reading old journals filled with moments, poetry, ideas and such a wonderment of possibilities. I know they will happen. The right ones will take form. So for right now, push that easy button and know it is a done deal.

Trust in yourself, breathe and release the need to control.
The control is just part of the abstract illusions we are all living in right now. ~jh