smiling wisdom

smiling wisdom

{Milan and free to be me}

{Milan and free to be me}

New Moon whispers
Make your wishes and dreams to me
the line of stars will bring it home.

Whispers your loves, regrets and promises
to clear your heart
and open it wide…

Perseid shoots the message across the sky
so all the angels, guides and guardians
know these things.

Know you are safe
in the care of the Universe’s love…
you are precious and eternal
as wide as the stars and beyond.

Hold firm to those repeating thoughts
you thought too impossible to be
the love and passion within you
Makes everything and anything real…

You are the magic sparkle in the eyes of creation.
always remember you matter and shine like the sun
each day… in all ways.

Fear has no truth to it…
So trust those dreams are real.
Fill your heart with only love.
Trust yourself and the steps to take.

You are never alone.
You are always Love and Loved.
You have the creator within.

You are infinitely blessed and alive to live.
So now is the time to ground your dreams
sprout those seeds you have tended so gently.
watch the beauty arises with this loving care.

Now smile and love.
You are going to be just fine.