And Smile More….

And Smile More….

Upon this blessed morn
as the clouds drift on
and releasing the beauty of the stars
Understand the miracle live withinsmile more
like those stars may be hidden
yet you know they are always there

Time to release and allow the magic
Out to dance
Bless the world with your true passions
Enjoy the miracles you have witness
the strength of your devotion
To friends and family…and strangers

Don’t stop now
breathe, center, repeat
May sounded repetitive
And a little boring
Experiencing the perfection you truly are
To dig for those diamonds
Hidden within
Relive the magic charms

All of this is just an experience
chosen through your mind
dream again
if you don’t like what is going on…
dream again

And smile more…

Be born again
reimaging your life
Dreams may seem to die
reformed in different dimensions
dreams always live
if your soul must live them
different direction brings new results

Be joyous in your living
Be happy just to dance
Be love in every moment
Be You in the truest ways
Be You in every form
You be joy, love, true… in all forms.

And Smile More….