Shadows of Love

Shadows of Love

central park shadows (c)jenniferhillman2000

central park shadows

Shadows linger in reverence and grace
With grateful hearts and lost souls
puzzled minds still wondering why
as love and kindness does exist

days come, days fly by
and we can only continue
to share the moments of appreciation
on days of remembering

shadows of love hovering
more on some days than others
love give us strength
when confusion and the question why
ponder our mind in uncertainty.

Say thank you to those
who touch your day
Say I love you to those you care about
Say blessed be for each breath of living
Say Love is the center of all things.

Calms the soul
Opens the mind to better times
Gives back for those who can’t.
Let’s them know they are unforgotten and forever in our hearts. ~jh