Dazzling Stars of Harmony

Dazzling Stars of Harmony

image by jennifer hillman

image by jennifer hillman

Moon of stillness
yet dancing in the night sky
are you humming your own tune?
Can I hear it too?

Smooth and silky
like satin on the skin.
My mind quiets
As the breeze sweeps the worries away

Looking at stars
Dazzling above
When the voice said softly

Come… come with me now
into the darkness,
your dream-time magic and mystery.

Come with me into your potential
Be willing to enter the void of your beingness
your seeming pain and discomfort…
into the infinity… the mystery.

Your dreams are your process made real
Your dreams show you the way,
Revealing breadcrumbs and ease.
Allow the darkness to reveal your light.

Be receptive to life’s gifts
it is the nature balance or movement of this journey.
Trust this moment
and allow the receptivity
to complete the circuit of love.

Follow the shimmering trail of stardust
to find a different way of seeing, hearing and being.
Harmonize with your present situation
Harmony carries you the way home.
Listen closely to your intuition, act now.
Follow where your heart pulls you.

Releasing the limits of your situation…
the music of your soul is your key
find your note and be love.
be luminous.
be the harmony.
be home.
be love. ~jh


Joy of Magic

Joy of Magic

child cat windowThe magic and mystery
Lingering close during the twilight time of the night
Holding tight to dreams and the musings
Awakening the heart to dance
While the soul sings.

Kissing the stars and passionate embraces
the lingering continues
Bringing me alive
In realms of mystic wanderings

Sipping wonders and promises
tasty nibbles of whimsy
the warmth of joy filling the tummy
expanding love’s depths in folly

Ah, the magic of the mystery
brings out the inner child’s playing
the truth and the trust
on the moment’s beauty and being. ~jh

Power In Words

Power In Words




The power in words
spoken and unspoken

Those in-between spaces of breath and voice

Like Silence’s kissing the soul in reverence

Of joy and the misery

Balancing realms of imagination and illusion

That fine line of truth and experience

As smiles turn to laughter into tears of trust

Embracing the moment of awe external
yet living within the internal being of everything
being coy, shy and the mystery
wisdom sneaking out of the cells and atoms

A wink or was just a blink?
Magic comes in all forms

Like the touch of a raindrop rolling down your face
or was a tear releasing your fears

Sensing the divine mystic brilliance expanding and exploring
in spaces you didn’t know existed

Those hidden pockets within those in-between spaces
of breath and being

Deeper than the depth of shallow doings

Connection of stardust and mirroring colors streaming

Across the night sky
and opening the way for the sunbeams blazing

Vibrate, jittery pulse sauntering presence.

Words rambling with the oneness knowing

The passing of transparency glare of reflections
of nature and love’s devotion

Sipping the moonbeams in heated tea or coffee,
like the mystery lingering
among the tree branches dancing in the breeze.

Grounding again in Mother Nature’s sweet embrace
and returning to center

Intact; more than whole. ~jh