Keys to Joy

Keys to Joy

In the presence of all that is… I sensed Love; that embracing all consuming essence of Love and Joy and Peace and… You can name and place any and all positive adjectives here. It was a moment of moments… remembering the truth and remembering that truth I didn’t want to leave, forget nor let go of. Especially after the Silence spoke: “You are Love and Loved. Don’t Forget That.”

I didn’t forget the words, yet at times, I did the meaning. I got wrapped up in the “worldly” things. Then something always took me back to that moment and that feeling of this is just an experience I signed up for and simply enjoy the illusion. You don’t have to nor are buying it… just experiencing this potential. The highs and the lows.

And that is what this is about… the experience of understanding this game of life.

Those moments of desperate angst as the life stops flowing and then when you can’t seem to do anything wrong. You are in the life’s flow or vortex.  It is all magic and love.

Magic is the understanding your own power of imagination and with a little thought about that possibility…the Universe says…Okay, that is what you want to experience so you get it…that you don’t want that experience…really. You know you can do better and slowly you do. You focus your thoughts and move into a better way of thinking… Or I did. Those words after the head-on collision:

“You are Love and Loved.”

How more simple can they say it?  It can be so simple that one may just scratch the head and go “HUH?”

The spiritual teachers and gurus tell you the same and as humans, we can make it so difficult… I know I did.
Yet the Universe is listening and watching. And they tend to show me in the direction of someone who knows it and opens the mind up again…And again, and again. I do get it.

And as the moment of sharing a loving conversation with a wonderful friend this morning who gets it too… and the unlimited of this experience is now, I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be for this time, being love and being loved.  Trusting the thoughts of unlimited potentially are all for the highest good with compassion and joy.

It is simple to make life easy or difficult. The more demands of your thoughts, the more you are asking to be reminded of the simple fact… You are love and loved. BE.

Be happy, be kind and be open to the experiences you create into your life. You are not your body… You are a soul and love in the pure essence in all that is.  Be real. Be true. Be creative in your experience…Be in love. Namaste. ~jh

originally posted in 2011 on “JennHillmanReflections”

Shifting Through of Being

Shifting Through of Being




Shifting through the sieve of being
shaking out the debris of living
feeling the stuckiness of some occurrences

knowing WRITE to correct the wrong
through the forgiveness reliefs

the pain , confusion and misunderstandings
filter through the mirrors of deceptions
the illusions of what real and what is pretend
reaching within while looking out
the creation of wonders,
of beauty and grace
collections of experiences
from bizarre to miraculous

smiling with disbelief
at the imagination gone wild
finding the truth of the game
we each must go through
following a path

leading us back to center
maze within the maze

of dreams within the dream
continuing to wonder
the line between sanity and insane
blurriness of the edge
with the grandeur of living
riding through the happenings and occurrences
at times, feeling the thrill
and the depths of depression

in the heart of it all
the pulse of love
in all its dimensions
expanding us out
mingling with emotions and feelings

we choose
to express those precious realizations

of the miracle of being here

and the oneness we are

Love gets us through

Even in death

Love remains with us
We all know this is true.

With this awakening, the shifting and pain
releasing the unwanted

Yet knowing it was good

To have that experience

Even for one second…

Manifesting our journey
The adventure continues

Centering the love

For love is the only constant

We got. ~jh