Lessons Along the Journey

Lessons Along the Journey

Words come through me as I see inspirations around me. Thoughts and lessons learned repeatedly come and go as I co-create this new day.

I find myself filling up with this universal hug of love as I simply touch the keyboard and acknowledge some of those lessons learned… a good job and keep going hug.

So what was I thinking to get such a great response to insights?

  • I share with others as I am here to support others and other support me as there is no true competition… no one is better than the other. Just different experiences and uniqueness of Being.
  • Each has attracted experiences with what they need or desire into their lives…the good, the bad and sometimes, the ugly. It is all for your betterment, like it or not. The mirror of others around you is there for a reason. All that your experiences are what you call into your life to learn from the experience.
  • Feel the fear, but don’t live by or in it for long. Fear is a sign of change…needed and wanted for motivation. So unless you just want negative situations, people and things, change to more of what you do want to experience in balance.
  • Labels are just reminders of things done and what still can be done, though it is just for the experiences and to support others on their journey of the human experience.
  • Embrace the moment as just an experience, giving all you can, yet know you will get through for the better… even in death. To some, that is the best…completion of the cycle of life. There are many forms of death and most are not the physical ending of your life. End of a habit, a way of thinking, the end of an experience.
  • Protect oneself from less desirable experiences… most of those are from the out of balance ego and disconnection from Source…one’s Higher Self, True Self and the wisdom innately available to all of us; by focusing more on the ego or too much being above it all, not grounded in truth.
  • Be grounded in your human experience and not caught in the “above it all” space. You will get grounded the hard way. BOOM!  Be there and got that! Ouch.
  • Abundance comes in all forms, not just the monetarily kind. Acknowledge all forms of abundance to gain more of what you like. Don’t turn a blind eye to the abundance of friendships, kindness, support, and family by acknowledging and focusing on the other less wanted types… heartbreak, hard lessons, betrayals, deceit… Learn from all forms.
  • Be in touch with your inner child, that inner guidance and reminder… Life is supposed to be fun.
  • Integrity with Self is being in integrity with others. Say or speak your peace with kindness. Perspectives may change with experiences or the witnessing of others’ experience… keep an open mind and heart.
  • Animals…all animals are the teachers of living within the loving balance of Mother Nature, Mother Earth. Pets ground us in unconditional love.
  • Universal Laws are guidance to ease your journey. Co-creating with the Universe is much easier than thinking you know better. At times, it is best to step aside, let go and see what happens. Others it is time to take actions and by following that inner voice/ inner child/ intuitional pull… you know what to do.
  • Know thyself. Meaning understand your inner signals of guidance. Understand those weird feelings and trust it through “testing the outcome.”  I have done this a few times…followed through on things with misreading the signs and intuition because I trusted others or outside myself for what was right to do…WRONG. I learned that one many time. Again, ouch. Smiling.
  • We are here for certain experiences, including not feeling like we belong here. We are switching course and when we really aren’t supposed to be here anymore…We won’t be. Enjoy each moment with love and appreciation. Tell the people how you feel. The vulnerability isn’t a dirty or bad word. It makes you human and that is why you are here… to be a part of humanity in all its messed up and beautiful ways.
  • Enjoy, yet don’t force the process. Some processes take a little time…allow it. All is divine and you are safe.
  • Learn from others… The Masters of Universal Laws and Common Sense. It makes the trip easier and wiser.

2016 and 2017 are years of purification and the surfacing inner junk to be release and. Not easy years if you are surprised the awareness by the sluggish stuff you are carrying unconsciously. Feel into it, acknowledge the crap you have to release, write it out and release it. And if it comes to visit again… feel it, acknowledge it and release it with thanks for the reminder. Breathe and move the energies…yoga, dance, or simply walk in nature.  EFT and other healing modalities assist in moving the energies out of you or bring it to the surface to be released.

More people are coming into the understanding and conscious awareness of what they want to change. Some may attempt to change through violent means or through the bulldozer of fearful words or actions. Be of love to all. Compassionate without being absorbing the energies. Center into your core of Love and the simple steps of change with happen with gratitude and abundance.

Namaste. Hugs and Much appreciation. Thank you.

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Flow of the Moment

Flow of the Moment

moon sliverThe kiss of Silence, twisting tongues and embrace body, soul and reaching within to sense reality with each breath. I sense another writing through me and I am fine with this. perhaps a past presence of myself and a visiting energy dwelling within for a moment’s exhale. the connection is smoothing and centered. my eyes can close and adventure into the universe. cold toes and feeling hands on my arms, I am one with another and breathing their thoughts. Knowing not exactly who, yet my inner child is giggling. Breathing in magic as the words seem beyond me. Dancing fingertips, music plays in the distant. Violin strings humming, french horn blowing like the breeze. I am floating. Oh yes as a sigh. Seeing green cottonwoods singing and the stream water moving, rocking mountains embrace down to the shore. Now the ocean breeze, toes in sands and gripping, the water continues beyond the horizon in calm becoming. Alone by the shores, traveling like a bird, skimming the tops of the waves I am gliding. The strings continue strumming and seeing the entire coast line with ease as I fly a bit higher towards the clouds in the distance. Opening and lifting, then plummeting down, spinning head at the speed. Landing on a limb of an old oak in a field, again…only endless horizons do I see. A rabbit freeze as he notices my movement. I have no need to eat him, so I turn away to free him. Haystacks dot the fields, golden and stacked high, like a Van Gogh painting with rich texture and colors blazing. I soar high again… seeing a castle for visiting, surrounded by lots of trees and hills so beautiful of greens. Lake Como is sparking in the sunlight of dusk, dancing pinks, creams and violet on surface. Quiet town and village, all in their homes with family. I continue on. I do wonder who is holding me as I become this eagle or hawk and melting into flight.
Now landing on a large rock overlooking a river, full moon begins to peek over the mountain nearby. I know this place from dreams long again. sweet memories of friendship, conversations with wisdom. my passions for writing came soon with this magic. inspirations and adventures within the mind’s eye and imagination lives with this time. Toes getting colder, where are my socks? I don’t want to stop this flow of words is amazing. I want to know more of the adventures with words, connecting with other expressionists who chose me to commune with this moment of sharing. Perhaps with my childhood, and my inner child escaping, I met this wonders along with way without knowing. Sleeping to reach out to the stars, breathing in the awe and light to full me up with more creating. I stretch my back releasing the tension that was building. Lyrically they may come this. Labels upon labels…to organize the writing. Poetry comes for a visit, a dance and a song. Embodying the person, identity and energy while breathing in the sweetness. So close I am with the eagle’s heart beating, with flight and adventure, I realize my power. Oneness is beauty, grace and alchemy…
Hello Merlin. I thank you for another lesson in living. Taking the higher point of view and the endless possibilities with you. You embraced and showed me just how easy it is… to become one with the living Mother Earth presence.

Willow’s Wisdom of Magic

Willow’s Wisdom of Magic

image by rayna engle

(image by rayna engle)


Willow, willow
whispers magic,
good blessings,
and friendships of bliss

willow, willow
long limbs reaching to play
embracing the child
living in each of us

willow, willow
weeping of change
taking the moment
expressing its wisdom

willow oh willow
so beautiful and graceful
thank you for the reminder
of what life is all about. ~jh