{via openhouseforbutterflies18}

{via openhouseforbutterflies18}

Breathe. Take a moment for yourself and just breathe.
Close your eyes stop thinking and breathe.
Worlds shifting, time expanding as the humanity feels the intensity.

I am recycling through many thoughts and experiences and ask myself simply, “Am I living now?”

The question comes as I realize what the cycle is for me that I have been doing in some form most of my life and the times I truly was myself in all my glories… the true me hides, observes and decodes the mysteries of life with a smile. I hide within the obvious, the weirdness and creatives.  As I posted a bit of wisdom:

“I am without form, without limit, beyond time, beyond space. I am in everything. Everything is in me. I am the bliss of the universe. Everywhere I am. I am sat, chit, ananda, absolute existence, absolute knowledge, absolute wisdom.” Ram Kir, the Indian mystic

The truth of this became the value I embrace the most as I am here to experience life in all the simple realization of love and the greater powers within Love. Expressions of my adventures with the interaction of the other players in the grand illusion game are part of the doings for me. I have been withholding my truth of the magic and power I am.

Unchain and live with the passionate understanding of the transitory nature of humanity without embracing too deeply in the subtle nature of each of us. I wish to drink a sip of all of you; to taste your wonderment, your joy, pain and your breath. If only a moment of time or spiritually through the connection of our interaction, I intent to bless you as you bless me with that moment.

As I was conversing with Kip Baldwin about empathy, I realize the blessings I have received and passed off with no meaning. Moments of the interactions with the homeless to the last moments of a woman dying on the Bay Bridge, sharing her last thoughts of her young daughter. I had found her daughter at one time and stopped myself from contacting her. Now I search again without much success. And with that, I wonder if there is only a small window of opportunities of experiencing and have I missed mine somewhere along this journey. I wrote about this pondering in my article about missing that one train. Anything is still available if it is truly something you signed up for that experience. The whispers of those come back around to see if you are ready now. I am shouting YES!

So I open myself to experience more of the truth lurking within me… those untold stories I am holding onto as if I own them. I know I have experienced them, yet I don’t own them, nor do they own me. Just an agreement to meet and dance for a moment…a choice. And now entered in the book of life.

I listened to Gary Zukav today as he spoke about writing the book… He said it was his choice to write this book that flowed through him, changing thousands of people by doing so. This comes to me at a time of choice… to write a book about an amazing experience I had through a spiritual connection which taught me unconditional love or simply let the memories just be moments I have had and cherish. Is there healing needed to happen through the writing or a deeper understanding from what I experienced for others? Or was it all just part of the dream I created? Sweet dreams assisting me to remember the truth of love, connection and oneness we all live now.  I wait for the answer from my heart. So for now, I smile, reflect and see what dances across my life.

Be true to self. Be present to the now, releasing the past and open to the new.