Moon Power

Moon Power

Moon Clouds (c)

Moon Clouds (c)


full moon coming… with the roar of a lion
look within to see the potential of letting go
to grow towards your dreams lingering
in the shadows
of your heart and soul.
Time now…to set them free
through experiencing them
or letting them go
with the whispers of the wind. ~jh

Love with New Moon’s Blessings

Love with New Moon’s Blessings

make a wish weed

{source unknown}

New moon in Scorpio…

death, rebirth, the cycles of life
Writing down the passage of time
Seeing the persistence and the laziness
Seeing truths, loves and fears
Moments of opportunities
Presented, then faded when not quickly taken
Even when taken, still didn’t work out or a blur

Memories of loss and smiles
Release and doubts
Writing, writing and wondering why?
Was I really learning or just playing along?
Things sure of, disappeared
Friends of promises left

Chiron touching my shoulder,
saying, “don’t be so hard on yourself.”
Yet the aching reminds
Looking where my life has came from
Focus on the happy times, the good things and best friends
Bringing more magic, kindness and abundance my way
Yet knowing all the forks in the road, missed turned and wrong directions
That lingering doubt in myself.

Honesty with Self and wondering “what ifs” and “what now?”
Dig deep and find the core
Knowing I am connected
I am kind and compassion
Divinity truths and mysteries reveals
In perceptions and perspectives of many
Infinite of being and feeling I am floating
Roaming to realms and universes unknown

Is this wise?

Looking at stars and brilliant swirls of passing wonders of light and energies.
Feeling the depth of love un-tethered
Dancing with whispering music and song
Darkness is Light
Whispers get louder.

As the dream within the dream continues to ponder
Letting go the past possibilities
Oh well, I did what I did.

Chiron smiles and touches my cheek with magic
Love seems surreal; ever present of being

Love be the focus.

Love be the goal.

Love be achieved…in actions and words. ~jh

Say Yes…

Say Yes…

IMG_3470 (1)

Day of change as the solar eclipse brings the shadows
Opening the transitions and new directions
with each breath we take
Surrender sweetly and relax your anxiety.

Magic embraces and surrounds your loving destiny
Your intentions heard and miracles now line up
Simply allow your heart to be present
to the winds of direction blowing your way
Now your dreams come alive

Dance with the Raven
as he flys to arrive in time
Your dreams are here
Are you ready for your adventures?

Say Yes… and know you are there.
Say Yes… and listen to your inner voice singing
Say Yes… and follow your passionate humming forward.

Change can be easy
when you accept yourself with trust.
Trust your dreams in believing You are the one.
You are ready… Time to go be all you can be. ~jh

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