Full Moon Listening

Full Moon Listening

moon linger


Full moon glistening
As I sit listening to the Silence of the night
I say a little prayer of gratitude
Hearing the wisdom, insights and ways of correction
To manifest a better outcome

Clean up, clean out
The physical and the internal

Full more brilliance in colors
thoughts crisp and direct
as I surrender to those wisdom
release the tensions building in my shoulders
attempting to do it all myself
knowing support is all around

Knowing the words I read
are something
that resonates with me
clarifies and identifies situations
worth accepting

whispering to me

a signal my insecure is lurking
infinite notions of being
for me now a mix of
independent nurturing omnipresent babe
yet a little more of the
insecure nagging obsessive bitch

inob is easier to hear

ebb and form of being human.

Time to switch my inner thoughts
as I say hello to those parts of me
knowing the way to change it up
simple questions to answer to release

what a perfect time
as this full moon is listening
as I sit glistening in her light. ~jh