Full Moon Listening

Full Moon Listening

moon linger


Full moon glistening
As I sit listening to the Silence of the night
I say a little prayer of gratitude
Hearing the wisdom, insights and ways of correction
To manifest a better outcome

Clean up, clean out
The physical and the internal

Full more brilliance in colors
thoughts crisp and direct
as I surrender to those wisdom
release the tensions building in my shoulders
attempting to do it all myself
knowing support is all around

Knowing the words I read
are something
that resonates with me
clarifies and identifies situations
worth accepting

whispering to me

a signal my insecure is lurking
infinite notions of being
for me now a mix of
independent nurturing omnipresent babe
yet a little more of the
insecure nagging obsessive bitch

inob is easier to hear

ebb and form of being human.

Time to switch my inner thoughts
as I say hello to those parts of me
knowing the way to change it up
simple questions to answer to release

what a perfect time
as this full moon is listening
as I sit glistening in her light. ~jh

Love with New Moon’s Blessings

Love with New Moon’s Blessings

make a wish weed

{source unknown}

New moon in Scorpio…

death, rebirth, the cycles of life
Writing down the passage of time
Seeing the persistence and the laziness
Seeing truths, loves and fears
Moments of opportunities
Presented, then faded when not quickly taken
Even when taken, still didn’t work out or a blur

Memories of loss and smiles
Release and doubts
Writing, writing and wondering why?
Was I really learning or just playing along?
Things sure of, disappeared
Friends of promises left

Chiron touching my shoulder,
saying, “don’t be so hard on yourself.”
Yet the aching reminds
Looking where my life has came from
Focus on the happy times, the good things and best friends
Bringing more magic, kindness and abundance my way
Yet knowing all the forks in the road, missed turned and wrong directions
That lingering doubt in myself.

Honesty with Self and wondering “what ifs” and “what now?”
Dig deep and find the core
Knowing I am connected
I am kind and compassion
Divinity truths and mysteries reveals
In perceptions and perspectives of many
Infinite of being and feeling I am floating
Roaming to realms and universes unknown

Is this wise?

Looking at stars and brilliant swirls of passing wonders of light and energies.
Feeling the depth of love un-tethered
Dancing with whispering music and song
Darkness is Light
Whispers get louder.

As the dream within the dream continues to ponder
Letting go the past possibilities
Oh well, I did what I did.

Chiron smiles and touches my cheek with magic
Love seems surreal; ever present of being

Love be the focus.

Love be the goal.

Love be achieved…in actions and words. ~jh