True North Known Within

True North Known Within

As Henry David Thoreau said so eloquently “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”

Looking for your north and center? Shifting tides of anxiety and peace alternating in your heart these days?

In these times of redefining your center and authentic truth, the shifting of memories dance in your mind and throw you back and forth like a doll. You just want it to stop for a few minutes to regroup into that old center of true north, yet it isn’t so easy to find. Any attachment to those memories, habits and automatic responses are telling you to grow up! Why? It seem to work before. And that is the key word here… “BEFORE”! That is a word of the past, not the present now. And each moment lingers into the past as we blending the time lines and remembrance of who we truly are and where we are heading…that true north we are all seemingly looking for this mysterious north now.

We can do our meditations, yoga, deep breathing exercise, workouts for our physical bodies. What do we do for the spiritual side of us? Meditation reconnect us to the Silence of Infinity, the Voids of Creation, The Nothingness of Truth and detachment from the human reality all know as the chaos ensuing. So what is the best thing we can do these days? Laugh. Love. Let Go. With Trust.

Trust in yourself and the inner GPS that knows the way home to the new paradigm of truth. We are heading home if you resonate in this article.

We come to understand the lessons along the way quicker, seeing the different perspectives of possibilities; Taking on the responsibilities of our choices. The altering of your mindset turns in circles as you find your new grounding post and relearn your inner door of YOU is golden with the confidence, connection, and clarity. Isn’t that what we are truly wanting to experience?

I find myself while doing grounding breathing exercises seeing specks of golden wisdom filling me with the strength, insights and connection to move forward. Each of those golden nuggets are little pieces of the true essence of me returning to realign myself to that north. The feelings of the re-balancing of the individual self (human-side) with the essence self (spiritual/energetic-side).

Through a few different methodologies, I am clearing the attachment to the past parts that held my back from this balance of Truth. Slowly finding that true north of all I truly am with this human experience and knowing it all is just a blink of an eye in this abstract Illusion of time, place and perceptions.

Trust that if you are feeling angry, irritated, and unsure…You are finding yourself going to the right path for you. Resisting or clinging to what doesn’t feel right only delays your abundances of all that you be. More breathing, less thinking helps. Connecting to your heart sounds like a cliché… yet it is truth and always will be center and allows the soul to endeavor on your right path. Having judgments about yourself or others isn’t quicken your alignment, getting impatience doesn’t help either. You will feel the push me-pull me on the edge feeling, That is when your just about home. Anxiety and upheaval lets you know you are growing and going well. The shifts will always happening, make peace with the realignment process…enjoy it as it is bring you more of what you wish to experience and removing the length of the contrasting views.

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Some tools and other options for you:
EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. There are many great videos on Youtube for this. Brad Yates does a great job. Or you can take a course or class online. is another option

Reading or Listening to positive books or videos. Abraham Hicks is available through the website, YouTube and Books.

Journal Writing has take out the energy out of the situation. Writing a letter to the person if there is a person you are upset with, including yourself. Write out all your feelings and your perspectives. You don’t need to send it to them. The energy of your words will get to them. Carolyn Riker has a journalling writing course

Innocence of Home

Innocence of Home

{via too funky divas/fb}

{via too funky divas/fb}

Enter the room of Innocence
where you are pure and wild;
imagination and inspirations breathe
while dancing with the stars of brilliance;
sipping slowly the truth of your existence;
purpose, trust and Divine
mingle in your mind
like heartbeats and soul
Questioning nothing
as you are the Love you really be

the rat race of material and needs
have no space or desire..

You are the raindrops and music notes
expressed, rippling through the universe.
The atom of true love is all you be

here… you are HOME
here… you are abundance
here… you are infinite

You are Love. ~jh



Between the Lines

Between the Lines

{unknown artist}

{unknown artist}

Between the Lines of
Black and White;
Yes and No;
of Stuck and Move;
Noise and Silent;
Hidden and Seen;
of Peace and CHAOS;
Wrong and Right…

The Between the Lines
is Center of BEING
The Centre Sun of Dreams
and HOME…

Get there and Be FREE!

Between the Lines

As the Mind

{unknown artist}

{unknown artist}


My mind wanders
Delving into a space of peace
Hearing messages
Unifying of spirit and heart
The humming of the wind
Like a song of ancient
Surrounding me to …

Feeling waves of love
Like a billion angels hugs
Tears of joy come
As I enter this space,


Warmth of blood pulsating
Through the veins fade
Expanding towards the sun

Infinity calls…

Be present as whispers
Of rainbows rain within
Starlight, moonbeams and zebra too
The giggling of the joy
Silliness of taking life too seriously

Knowing the truth
And knowing being too close to the edge
Walking the edge of the sword without cutting
Driven to create on happiness and joy

Wisdom speeds
Love endures
As the mind wanders

Ever more.~