On the Edge of Darkness

On the Edge of Darkness

{~Des too funky divas}

{~Des too funky divas}

She stood in the mist of her soul
looking for that single ray of light
to guide her through
the thicken limbs and scars from wounds
life lessons of her Beingness

Broken dreams and promises lay on the ground
she smiled with a tear
she let go that one because of lack of trust
oh and that one because of doubts
another one due to her thoughts of unworthiness

She walked the trail as it continued on
she listen in the stillness to her heart
hearing a soften tune
lingering in the air
like dew on the limbs

reflecting the emotions and feelings
each was a single note
a persistent presence
leading her forward into the blackness
in search for the center of her truth.

the music grew, by her trusting
each step guided with warm embrace
a hand taking her on this path of understanding
the tears slowly stopping
as the smile grew with confidence

Noticing the ray of light dancing in the branches
Faint music intriguing her into acceptance
the allowance of lessons learn
the light tenacious glowing around her
as she notice her heart light like an inner beacon.

she continues
through the forest of her soul,
collecting ideas and ways
for dreams to be mended to live.

Breathing in the fresh air and sunshine
the center of her beingness tenderly caressed
as she realized the depth of this forests
and all the lessons, memories and strength
she has gained.

Dancing with herself
with the music
of her heart light
the love she always looked
for made realized.

She awoke
from her dream
within a dream
within her dream
called life
and being human. ~jh