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Celebrating The Sweet Things

Celebrating The Sweet Things

oatmeal cranberry: brown sugar drops; snickeradoodles

oatmeal cranberry: brown sugar drops; & snickeradoodles



New light upon the dawn as the heart opens to the grand new adventure.

Being born a week before Christmas has its mixed reviews as any of the many friends who share my birthday can tell you. Lots of celebrations, yet is it for me or the other great events at the end of the year. I decided many a moon ago to celebrate everyday as my birthday and not really focus on just one day. Every day I wake up, I am starting again and again, I celebrate having that new day.

On this day, I tend to bake. I love to bake sweet things and this is my way of celebrating by baking and giving the sweet things away… in gratitude to the people who are passing through or have passed through my journey. I think about the sweet things in life as I mix the dough of Chocolate chip cookies, Oatmeal Cranberry Bars and one of my favorite, Mexican Wedding Cakes which are also known as Russian Tea Cakes. Yum.

I spend time reflecting and writing while the cookies bake. Looking through the memories, goals achieved or not; knowing I just need to have fun. I have gone through a lot in the last few years. Lots of loss or was it really? Overall, I regain my sanity this last year through reconnecting with myself and my loves in life, my passions.

A decade ago, I was told in a dream to remember my childhood dreams of what I wanted to do. I am amazed on how many of those dreams have come true and experienced them. Some I continue with on a weekly part of my life; my radio show. I wanted to be on the radio. I wanted to support my friends and their creativity. I am doing that with great joy.

So are you living out your childhood dreams? If not, do what you can to do that. Please the inner child who loves you more than anyone else and who needs you more than anyone else. Magic lives with the child. They have an amazing imagination and sense to create magic out of nothing.  That is what birthdays (and every day) are about…

Celebrating our creative child and let it out to play.
Enjoy your weekend and the wonderful sweet things in life. ~jh


Drink a Sip of Life

Drink a Sip of Life




Drink a sip of life
Slowly meandering the flavors and essences
Of moments and memories
Making you… YOU.

The hugs and kisses of passions
The kicks and licks of learning
Whispers of the heart
And the madness of the mind

Touch the unlimited nature of your divine
Dance with your magic of your soul
Taste the sweetness of being alive
Seeing all you be…
Dream all you are to be.

Take another sip of life
In all its colors, forms and nudges
Feel the energies caress you slowly
Be grateful for the love you be
And all the possibilities left to create.

Kiss the moonbeams
Dance with the sun or stars
Merriment be your choice
Love is love in all its forms.

Just keep sipping the dreams of your being. ~jh

Moon Eclipse

Moon Eclipse

{via coffeehouse}

{via coffeehouse}


Full moon coming
Dancing with the stars
Engaging the sun
And our senses.
Opening our hearts
to the whispering of the soul.
Embracing your experiences
with compassion and intentions.
Eclipsing for a moment with awe,
in beauty, and grace;
while telling you to rethink and determine
what your story truly is.~jh

Love’s Wisdom

Love’s Wisdom

{"Love" by Alexandr Milov}

{“Love” by Alexandr Milov}


To understand the dynamics of a relationship, one must look into the mirror or the window within their own soul. The souls’ connection are the intriguing and intrigued of that reflection one’s sees. To accept yourself with someone else we allow the flaws to show with acceptance and we accept the free range of emotions to come forward in whom we are attracting into our lives. The concept of a “dream man or woman” isn’t a new one. It is one of the oldest forms of wishes humans have and it is when we become that dream person ourselves that the worlds open and collide.

Music and songs, books, poetry, and stories tell these tales and capture our hearts into wanting that person in being real. And perhaps that person is real and we are too scared to realize it until… we surrender our fears to love.

Love is all we really are and the conditions of “being human” confine us into this state of not realizing the suffering we are creating for ourselves by being human and not living this truth of being love with respect, allowance, and acceptance. Friendships come and go, yet there is an unbreakable bond form from the start. Promises made can’t be breaking. It is the perspective of the promise being broken. Again, because of the human conditioning of the experiences we are choosing to have within our lives.

We forget that love will always be brewing in the ethers for that person. It is respecting the individual’s choices and decisions and allowing with acceptance to let them live those experiences, with or without us being physically a part of it. It is when we let go, we often with see the subtle sweetness of that shared love. The many choices of perception are with this concept of love and it is up to the human experience to remember the grand truth of the beauty, grace, and reverence in sharing love in whatever form it comes in. The oneness lives. The oneness is unbreakable love and connection through love. Trusting yourself with confidence is allowing that beauty, grace and reverence for life’s experiences to one of tear of joyous love, more than tears of shame, pain or guilt.

Moon Heart beat

I was once told there are no missed opportunities, only belief that moment being missed. As we have a multitude of dimensions, we must come to understand, somewhere in time and space, we are getting everything right and even without having that experience in this realm; the smiling face is needed. There are no missed opportunities; no being one degree off; no being one minute or second too late to have that dream, idea and occurrence realized. It is all happening and if it doesn’t, a blessing has been given instead.

Humans tend to take things too serious at times and laughter will lighten your load and you then will see that blessing. It is those moments you feel that tidal wave of love and appreciation for your life as it is here and now. You find that happiness with those smiles of joy always within you, waiting for you to enjoy life more often available. Focusing on the soul’s happiness being out of any darken cloud that truth of love. Perhaps in the sunbeam streaking across the sky or the rainbow of blessings touches a nearby mountain. All of those reflected light or love showing itself. Surrender to the love of self and see this reflected in the relationships around you. Surrender and release the grand expectation. Life will be simpler, happiness dancing in your heart and allow the human experience balances your heart, mind and Spirit. You will be just fine.

“Bring out your magic for the world to embrace.
Share the true essence of your beauty to the scene
and the sun will shine brighter for all.” ~jh

Stroke of Music’s Song

Stroke of Music’s Song

{Cattails at sunset color me impressed}

{Cattails at sunset color me impressed}

Stroke of sunlight
Kiss of melon and peach
Whispers of wind dreams
Poetic mystics come to dance.

Tender mingling
With tickling smiles
Taste the magic
On lips of love

Colors struck the music’s note
Angels giggling
As the grasshoppers leap
With cricket’s song.

Touch the Divine
In every breath…
Believe in Magic
And Trust in your Truths. ~jh

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