True North Known Within

True North Known Within

As Henry David Thoreau said so eloquently “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”

Looking for your north and center? Shifting tides of anxiety and peace alternating in your heart these days?

In these times of redefining your center and authentic truth, the shifting of memories dance in your mind and throw you back and forth like a doll. You just want it to stop for a few minutes to regroup into that old center of true north, yet it isn’t so easy to find. Any attachment to those memories, habits and automatic responses are telling you to grow up! Why? It seem to work before. And that is the key word here… “BEFORE”! That is a word of the past, not the present now. And each moment lingers into the past as we blending the time lines and remembrance of who we truly are and where we are heading…that true north we are all seemingly looking for this mysterious north now.

We can do our meditations, yoga, deep breathing exercise, workouts for our physical bodies. What do we do for the spiritual side of us? Meditation reconnect us to the Silence of Infinity, the Voids of Creation, The Nothingness of Truth and detachment from the human reality all know as the chaos ensuing. So what is the best thing we can do these days? Laugh. Love. Let Go. With Trust.

Trust in yourself and the inner GPS that knows the way home to the new paradigm of truth. We are heading home if you resonate in this article.

We come to understand the lessons along the way quicker, seeing the different perspectives of possibilities; Taking on the responsibilities of our choices. The altering of your mindset turns in circles as you find your new grounding post and relearn your inner door of YOU is golden with the confidence, connection, and clarity. Isn’t that what we are truly wanting to experience?

I find myself while doing grounding breathing exercises seeing specks of golden wisdom filling me with the strength, insights and connection to move forward. Each of those golden nuggets are little pieces of the true essence of me returning to realign myself to that north. The feelings of the re-balancing of the individual self (human-side) with the essence self (spiritual/energetic-side).

Through a few different methodologies, I am clearing the attachment to the past parts that held my back from this balance of Truth. Slowly finding that true north of all I truly am with this human experience and knowing it all is just a blink of an eye in this abstract Illusion of time, place and perceptions.

Trust that if you are feeling angry, irritated, and unsure…You are finding yourself going to the right path for you. Resisting or clinging to what doesn’t feel right only delays your abundances of all that you be. More breathing, less thinking helps. Connecting to your heart sounds like a cliché… yet it is truth and always will be center and allows the soul to endeavor on your right path. Having judgments about yourself or others isn’t quicken your alignment, getting impatience doesn’t help either. You will feel the push me-pull me on the edge feeling, That is when your just about home. Anxiety and upheaval lets you know you are growing and going well. The shifts will always happening, make peace with the realignment process…enjoy it as it is bring you more of what you wish to experience and removing the length of the contrasting views.

Contact me if you need some assistance. 

Some tools and other options for you:
EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. There are many great videos on Youtube for this. Brad Yates does a great job. Or you can take a course or class online. is another option

Reading or Listening to positive books or videos. Abraham Hicks is available through the website, YouTube and Books.

Journal Writing has take out the energy out of the situation. Writing a letter to the person if there is a person you are upset with, including yourself. Write out all your feelings and your perspectives. You don’t need to send it to them. The energy of your words will get to them. Carolyn Riker has a journalling writing course

Sailing into Your Dream

Sailing into Your Dream

(c)jenniferhillman 2015

(c)jenniferhillman 2015

“Imagination travels in world unknown and uncreated.
Birth of reality comes in each moment by moment.” ~jh

I sat on the shore, watching the boats go by: Some sped by, focused on the fast motion while the sailboats seemed directed yet aimless. Directed by the winds and allowing it to carry them where it was best to go while enjoying the ride. This seems like good metaphors for life. You are the creator of your journey. Your thoughts and acceptance of your situation, your response to the waves of life tell you how the life is responding to you.

Again, I am coming to the understanding of the depth of choices made and the consequences of those moments. I accepted that I created those moments of pain, tears and lost to experience those emotions and insights for compassion for self and others.

When we so focus on the goal, we can hold tight to things around us that are actually holding us back from experiencing that goal and victory. Many times we don’t realize the consequences of those choices until we get a tap of our shoulders to let go. As soon as we do, all the pieces fall into place and victory is at hand. Yet, many choose to struggle, get frustrated by the endless delays and wonder why?

For me, I was pushed into the edge and the only way out was to let go and let the life I knew and held onto go, releasing ego and pride, those things I thought made my image, when in reality, they were all just things collecting dust and like the ego had little value as I was.

Now I didn’t lose my value, in truth. I had lost the appreciation of life through holding onto that “image.” When the debt piled up, the less I felt about myself. The more I got the calls from the creditors, the angrier I got and the less business I got. It was a vicious cycle. I didn’t trust myself, or the Universe. In fact, I trusted the Universe less and force things my way.

I laugh now at the depression and pity parties I had along the way and see how and why many friends disappeared. I found the meaning of family again and the importance of having a family. The form of the family can be comprised of those true friends understood and stood by me. Healing took place and the heart opens again. Others watch me fall; only criticizing me. They appeared again after the dust at cleared, yet the relationship is different now. The winds in my sails ended for me and I learned from it. I cruised as the lapping waves became my guidance. I learned to trust myself and the waves… and go with the flow.

“Let Go…. And Let it find you.
Stop running in the wrong direction.
Stop, turn around… and open your heart widely.” ~jh

I now see friends in many speedboats, while holding onto people and things that are only adding air into the engine. I have learned that is their lesson to learn and I can only compassionately support them while they learn. I am standing by them, supporting them as I can without entangling myself. I will help them stand up again, dust them off as my friends did for me. Some are slowly changing their ways with the reality check of their boats are made known to be at the breaking point. They have moved away from the pressure point and saw what they valued most in their lives and have some of the people are just holding them back through their own lessons needing to be learned.

I watch myself these days with what I am holding onto in my life. My true friends and family are still there. We understand the give and take of what friendships are and like minded.

I have come to value and trust myself through lessons from those windless days. I slowed down and listen to my higher self and Universe for the clues. Let my ego be in balance with the world I am creating. I listen to different people who resonate and support me on this new journey as I focus on which way the wind are blowing my sails and let those fast boats just move by, hoping they are safe as I enjoy the view along the way.

“Within the darkness and the fog of the mind lives the genius of creative brilliance.”~jh

You are the captain of your boat…
“Captain” by Dave Matthews Band