Dance… Just Dance!

Dance… Just Dance!


Motion of the soul in expressed

The fluidity and flowing nature’s bliss

In touch and align with the truth of heart

Movement and delight prosing in the liquidity

Of body’s form


Expanding passions from with and across the floor

Centered as

Form, feet, and hands connect with soul embracing

The everything of the nothingness into something

In gesture of visual presence


As musicians and songwriter…composers

Breathe in and exhale notes, lyrics, and melodies

Rhetorical, Oratorical, Poetical

Rhythms and rhythms and time

Divorce of reality in realms of imagination and devotion

The motion continues to move into space infinite, like Love.


The Heart Whispers

The Heart Whispers

{unknown artist}

{unknown artist}


The heart whispers softly to me,

As my heart sunk into that space in between.

My mind quiet and my emotions easing

Fingertips guided to the keys

Closing my eyes

I listen

Letting the Silence type through me

Visions upon visions…dreams are happening

Release the knowing

And live the knowing

Hidden in your soul

Allow the sounds and rhythm be trusted

Awaken yourself from the illusions

Dance to your heartbeats

And all those mysteries in between your breathing

Trust your senses.


With Each Step

With Each Step

{via too funky divas/fb}

{via too funky divas/fb}


With each step, a blessing
with each step, your dream gets closer
with each step, life gets brighter
with each step, you claim your power
trust in your truth
and keep walking forward
into being who you truly be.
dance, sing, write, paint.
Be real. Be You. Love. ~jh


{unknown source}

{unknown source}


The whisper said…Or the music will fade.

Heart will weaken
and life changes into chaos…

Fear brings shadows to life…
The worry, struggle and descend.

Keep the music alive…
Dance with Joy
Dance with Grief
in celebration of life’s cycle
Dance with love
Love the music within your soul

Sing it, Play it, Write it, and Paint it.

Oh just Dance….
Dance makes you ageless
Grateful and at peace
with world within and at large
even with those moments
with shadows and change
in limited doses of tune and reason.

So let your heart take your mind
out to dance with the music of your soul.

Oh yes… Dance.