Simplicity of Thought

Simplicity of Thought


Simplicity of thought

A motion’s dance as the heart beats

Pulsating to the rhythm of breath

The key to opening the heart

Divorce of reason

Purity of the soul’s voice

Surrounding the truth

Hidden in sorrow’s tears and laughter

Come alive and center

Touch the wandering mind and adventures waiting

Dance with the words, wind’s whispering presence

Allow the mystic’s calling to take you

Focus on the breath

The simple motion of being

Release the need to know

The thoughts crowding your essence

Let go and be in the mists of imagination

Wondering through the clouds of indecisions and self-doubt

To the understanding of the true perfection of Love we all be.

Dreams of living dreams, realities created by that wandering mind

Thoughts dancing on the beauty, grace and possibilities

Impress your expressions

And the world opens their hearts with your vulnerability of brilliance.

On the edge of light and darkness

Balancing the realms of determinations

Choices of reasons creating the path of adventures

Come emerging in techno-color and panoramic vision

Smiling, laughter and joyous brings the steps

To travel on this journey of options and deliberate pondering. ~jh

You are Magic

You are Magic




You are magic
the universe
of oneness’ divine dancer

the music in tune,
align with the harmony

Of the stars
and the multitude of galaxies

Wonderments of wanderers

Open hearts connecting
to the breath of truth

Just trust…
you are magic
kiss the moment’s blessings
taste the sweetness of the wine
of your adventures and experiences

be free of the chaos
confusion brings
illusions and imaginations prancing
in laughter and merriment

you are the magic
appearing, disappearing at will

believe in your magic
and all your dreams are real.


~jennifer hillman

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