Celebrating The Sweet Things

Celebrating The Sweet Things

oatmeal cranberry: brown sugar drops; snickeradoodles

oatmeal cranberry: brown sugar drops; & snickeradoodles



New light upon the dawn as the heart opens to the grand new adventure.

Being born a week before Christmas has its mixed reviews as any of the many friends who share my birthday can tell you. Lots of celebrations, yet is it for me or the other great events at the end of the year. I decided many a moon ago to celebrate everyday as my birthday and not really focus on just one day. Every day I wake up, I am starting again and again, I celebrate having that new day.

On this day, I tend to bake. I love to bake sweet things and this is my way of celebrating by baking and giving the sweet things away… in gratitude to the people who are passing through or have passed through my journey. I think about the sweet things in life as I mix the dough of Chocolate chip cookies, Oatmeal Cranberry Bars and one of my favorite, Mexican Wedding Cakes which are also known as Russian Tea Cakes. Yum.

I spend time reflecting and writing while the cookies bake. Looking through the memories, goals achieved or not; knowing I just need to have fun. I have gone through a lot in the last few years. Lots of loss or was it really? Overall, I regain my sanity this last year through reconnecting with myself and my loves in life, my passions.

A decade ago, I was told in a dream to remember my childhood dreams of what I wanted to do. I am amazed on how many of those dreams have come true and experienced them. Some I continue with on a weekly part of my life; my radio show. I wanted to be on the radio. I wanted to support my friends and their creativity. I am doing that with great joy.

So are you living out your childhood dreams? If not, do what you can to do that. Please the inner child who loves you more than anyone else and who needs you more than anyone else. Magic lives with the child. They have an amazing imagination and sense to create magic out of nothing.  That is what birthdays (and every day) are about…

Celebrating our creative child and let it out to play.
Enjoy your weekend and the wonderful sweet things in life. ~jh