Jennifer Hillman has currently two books available on this site or
mbracing Souls & Words of the Heart
Poetry about the journey through relationships with Self and Others.



ESBookVol_1Embracing Souls, Poetry of the Dance, Vol. One 

If you would like an autograph copy of the soft cover, please contact Jenn.

Embracing Souls: Poetry of the Dance, Volume One is the first in series about one woman’s journey and the magical connection she found with a soul mate. Her words tell of her passions for life, her wish for love and her search for inner truths. Her poetry is a unique expression of lessons learned through unconditional love she found with her soul mate.


“I’ve enjoyed your poetry very much. It’s very human, very natural, unpretentious, untrendy. It speaks to the heart.” — Bruce McAllister, author of Dream Baby




wordsheart full cover copy

Words of the Heart

Words of the Heart is the continuing journey through Jennifer Hillman’s poetry as she lives and becomes more aware of the values of the lessons she learns along the way. Her connection with the Divine is through the expression of relationships, near and far. The mysteries of life only deepen and add more curious questions with each interaction with the soul mates on her journey. The lines blur the more open she becomes and embraces her creations and experiences. ~jh


“Words of the Heart is an appropriate title for Jennifer Hillman’s book. As I read her poetry, I am encompassed in her world of joy, pain, unconditional love, friendship as as the love of everything that “is” as well as the comfort of embracing what is yet to come- the reality of the unknown. Her artistic poetry is music to my senses”. ~ Georgia Kiricoples, Author of The Soul’s Bridge:


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