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Red Bubble Designs

Red Bubble Designs

Child’s Magic

child journal

With writing with your heart awakens the beauty and joy living within you.

This simple, yet powerful message means to inspire the writer/poet in you.

“be the magic dancing within. Open your heart to the inner child and be free.”



Mountain Design



The Mountain calls for you… for adventure and endless journeys. This image made from tissue paper and colored ink water creating a unique whisper of towering mountains at sunset.




One World


The World in Different Colors is Oneness. With all the different hues and shapes combined into a sphere alive with possibilities. Bright to muted, the world is the oneness in acceptance of shades of skin and Being.



Live Your Dreams, Release Your Doubts


Image of a mystery of the night joins this inspirational quote by Jennifer Hillman.
“focus on your inner world
those dreams and possibilities
focus on the beauty, love and grace…
the kindness of the soul, releasing the doubts
focusing on those dreams are true…
and timing is of your making. “
~jennifer Hillman



Crane directs the words across the page. Inspirations springs from this lovely photo of a white crane.

Rainbow Lotus

lotus journal

Blessed with purity, rebirth, and beauty, the lotus flower has had a long association

with Buddhism and Hinduism.
this design combined the gentle shape of the lotus with the color of rainbows.

Anchor in Love


Love be the vibe and with this, ground Love into your life.
Great gift to give to that special person to let them know of your love.
Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Traveling with Love with each sip of your favorite drink. Write your thoughts, knowing love is anchored in each page of your journal.

Anchor your day with love and have a great day.



Within each of us is the individual looking for the solitude of the Silence. Embracing the Self and writing the story of our lives. Reclaim your power within the brilliance of your story in Solitude. It is all reborn.

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