270-150-bannerSupport Network for Creative Expression started in 2000.

Abstract Illusions, a division of Jennifer Hillman, inc

Abstract Illusions is a profit-based business with many divisions. Abstract Illusions is a creative arts network, with plans for a venue/gathering spot, a publishing and production company, merchandising, artist management, artist information and resources.

The purpose and goal of these companies are to support new and established artists fulfill their dream in sharing their vision and voice into the communities at large. It is the interaction and exchange of thoughts, actions, and ideas within a peaceful and open-minded assemblage to reflect into society that peaceful exchange can happen and much can to gain through this gathering of minds and energies.

The thought behind this is the fact that Art throughout history has reflected the society during that time.

The network support group hopes to offer artist marketing, business, legal, and promotion advice at a no to low fee cost. Membership will be offered to help with the cost to run these operations, as well as a gathering place venue for musicians to “jam” and collaborate in other art expressions.

Mission Statement of these Ventures is the following:

  1. Mentoring between the new artists with an established or veteran artist. Cross or mixed disciple is an option for the two.
  2. Education in the many art disciples through workshops and conferences.
  3. Information and Exchange on the Business Aspects of Art
    1. Promotion
    2. Legal
    3. Marketing
    4. Accounting
    5. Networking to grow the expose of the artist(s).
    6. Website/Internet
    7. Gathering place (Interfusion)
    8. Volunteers



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