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listen to Jennifer Hillman explore human creativity.

listen to Jennifer Hillman explore human creativity.

Abstract Illusions Media developed originally in 2001… within a dream of the concept of a brick and mortar buildings around the world for artists to meet, brainstorm or jam as well as performance. A large space housing rooms for practicing rooms, studios recording and dance and a stage with an audience.

From this dream, Jennifer found her passion for assisting and supporting artists in all genres… being musicians, actors, writers, painters, photographers and the list continues…

Her heart still beats when she has the chance, yet the dream has changed, evolved and continue to this day. She has learned much about each genre and the ways to promote and support the artist as they find their voice and vibration within self-expression.

She started abstract illusions radio in 2007 and has interviewed authors, healers, musicians, artists and more. You can listen to some of those on her YouTube channel.