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A visionary Coach / writer

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I coach and write from the heart to individuals and groups. I am grateful support and presence. Enjoy your purchase of videos, the stories… printed, audio and videos, my blog, and  App

I thank you for sharing your journey with me. 


Blog Articles

Reflections with insights, aspects of living through the joy and defeat. Lessons learned. Next…

Intuitive Coaching Sessions

life coaching through the road blocks and confirmations of soul’s purpose.

Audio Products

Daily Walks with Inspirational, Meditations, and Podcasts.

Content Strategy

oving the soul with heart and and growing your dreams into reality.

Product Reviews

After being in thiese industries for many years I. have looked, used and know what are the better ways to do things.

Creative Copywriting

Being a writer and a poet, I have done a few inspired ventures in writing copywriting.


Active Clients

Written Poems/ Articles

Cups of Coffee

Make Your dream a Priority.

I certainly will.

Increase Joy and Happiness

Having a dream, a story to tell, an image to share, i have come to realize the importance of doing so. It gives me great pleasure and joy to share mine in hopes of inspiring you. With your purchase, you have opened new worlds of potential and possibilities.

Turn your dreams into reality!
Trust in the vision of your soul and live magically!

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Jen was referred to me by a friend and she has been a major help getting through one of the toughest times in my life. The first conversation I had with her I was suicidal, and she has helped me tremendously with different techniques and helped change my mindset. Every time I need a comforting, reassuring word pertaining to my situation she is right there giving me that kick I need to keep going and do what I need to do.

~Travis Ayres, Broadcast Journalist of Draper Media

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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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Thomson Polan, CEO @ Caramal Digital Studio

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