Living 5D

Living 5D

{artist: Susan Kentwell}

{artist: Susan Kentwell}

Trust in gifts and talents
To serve the world
And the support does come.
The give and take
in balanced moments
and the support will come.
Being happy, sharing
Caring and Kind…
Knowing all is fine and take care of
Simplicity and Love
Carries you and others
in Joy and Knowing
Being One with all,
including nature.
Reflections and resonating
with the Now and plenty
Ebb and flow come and goes
all part of living in this 5-D reality.
Imaginations and Inspiration rule the day
Heart and Soul show the way…
All in balance, happiness and love
Is what we are looking for that day to come.
Trust the Magic is Here Now
Love and Soul are the way to go
Feel the present day reality is just a dream
The real dimension lives in the heart and waiting.
Come, join me in celebration
As each day, we live the possibility
And the heart and soul dance with the inner child’s magic
The waiting is over when we simply embrace it.~jh


Delicious Dilemmas

Delicious Dilemmas

{Marc Chagall}

{Marc Chagall}


Opens in a whirlwind the possibilities

Witnessing the unfolding of opportunities


As the winds gently blow on by

Soul sings with thoughts and reasons

The stories of past and lessons gone for learning

Seeing the interconnections

Of the present and past

Releasing the needs to see them later.


Mars comes whistling

Within the whirlwind of actions

Inspirations of imagination

The inner child out to play


As motivation and involvement

Of all the senses engaged

Seeing the interactions

Of the present and past

Knowing the need to revisit is now


The fires burns within each of us

It is only up to us to embrace

And let the inner child out to play

Releasing our brilliance, intuition and beauty


As we connect to our truths

Seeing the trust and the doing

Of the present and past

Unfolding the future

And all is good, fine and glorious

With that delicious dilemmas, chaos of being. ~jh

After The Rain

After The Rain

{poppy bella pagan}

{poppy bella pagan}

The clouds may gather

The winds may quicken

As the inner storms brew…

Let down your guard

Rest easy in your heart

And let the rain fall as it must

Surrender be sweet, cleansing and needed

As the silence whispers you’ll be just fine.

Embracing the moments

Lessons and learning

Love reminds true itself


After the rain fall

Gently releasing the worries and questions

The sweetness of being dwells

As the rains purify the mind

And lets out the lingering magic

Opens the heart to joy

Scented breeze of nature’s perfumes

Plants and flowers’ nectars remain

Dancing in the air


The sun will shine

Each day you play

Allowing your inner magic out

Accepting the truth

With Faith, trust and love…

As the silence whispers, you’ll be just fine

As you embrace each moment
while smiling at the lessons, learning

And being the true Love you always have been. ~jh