January’s Alignments for Re-Alignments

January’s Alignments for Re-Alignments

Say Hello to your new life. It may not seem like things are changing at all or fast enough, hold on to your hat, your seat and keep breathing.

Change is coming at the planets are aligning to make sure, ready or not, you do get on the right side of the path for you. We started this change all through 2019. Lots of situations, issues, and mindsets upsets happened. In 2020, it all comes to the surface to be healed once and for good… or re-deal with it in 12 to 30 years from now. Best to do it now.

January 10th had Cancer Full Moon, mothering energy with an eclipse. So emotions will be in your focus. Breathe before reacting, responding, or push the situation. Self-Care comes first with this energy. Allow the release of things that irritate, trigger, or make life tense when possible. Make a list of gratitude for the release and the opening of new and better coming in. Be prepared for the shake-up for this to happen… in two days’ time.

January 11th has Uranus goes direct in Taurus (earth sign). Planet of surprises, expect the unexpected. With having all the emotions from the full moon eclipse, taking some time to regroup, breathe and ground yourself is strongly suggested.

January 12th is the Big and Much Looked for the aspect of the year. The meeting between Sun, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres, Mercury in Capricorn. Capricorn is all about going beyond limits and structure, having goals and making it happen, climbing the mountain and being a success and not stopping until it is all done. So having this powerful meet up of the Sun, Saturn (taskmaster, structure, and the home planet of Capricorn) with Pluto (planet of the great revealer, death, rebirth, future, and change), plus Mercury (Communication and Intellectual) and Ceres (depth of love, grief, and loss). To put it simply: major transition.

We all have been feeling the build-up of pressure to change in some form or way over the last year… thought of what we love and would love to do…now is the time to take some kind of action step toward those thoughts in some form or way. Invest in your dream, either monetarily or action. Walk your talk and let go of it.
(This is my action step towards creating more for clients.)

Others changes this month include:
Jan. 13th – Venus goes in Pisces – Time for forgiveness… in self and others. Ho’opono’opono
ritual is suggested. While thinking of the issue, simply stated: “I love you; I am sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you.” Repeat this until you feel a release or lightness about the issue.

Jan 16th – Mercury in Aquarius – Communication for groups through your original thoughts.

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The Wonderment Of Where We Are

The spiral notion of reflections
knowing the truth lives within the present essences
Seeing the country’s history revisiting…
From the Revolutionary war on sovereignty and freedom from oppression
to the Civil War about immigration and slavery…
individual rights of the states.
The equality of people and treatment…
being of race and women.

Wounds need healing upon knowing and acknowledgment
to change to another and different forms yet to be a comfort.

From where we are and where we would like to be.

Spinning the in and out of illusions and false words,
I continue to search for my part within these creations,
know the time is slowly changing all that is now.
Focus on the positive essences of truth I do see.
The increasing voices of the many seeking to be heard 
with all the noise of the chaos.

Time magazine named Journalists as the people of the year…
looking for the truth and paying the price for it. 

Artists, writers, and creative people have always
shown the truth to us. We all are looking for that truth, 
within ourselves and the world. 
It is a scary place right now. 
America…the world is broken. 
America is the world leader is broken 
in a fractured piece of its past 
that remained unhealed 
from the uncertainty of the Revolutionary War; 
to the immigration/slavery issues of the Civil War; 
to suffrage movement for women 
and the citizens wonder why? 
Every opportunity is available or is it? 

Choices, chances, and decisions create our individual paths 
with our beliefs pushing us forward or holding us back.
Yet I trust the processes the humanity must go through to
get itself heading for the betterment. 

I take time to witness, listen to the current of the times, 
knowing the waves may get heavy at times. 
Just hold on tight and allow the right actions to us 
learning the better way to go in this next round 
for Mother Earth and humanity.

Forward movement is the only way and I connect deeper with my heart and my truths; realigning beliefs which guided me through some strengthening experiences, discovering find my voice, my soul’s pathways and meaning of what I was told during a near death experience many years ago…

“You are love and loved. Don’t forget this.”

© 2019 Jennifer Hillman