gratitude touches depth and more

gratitude touches depth and more

pink skies (c)

pink skies (c)


Gratitude in the moment
breath of wishes
dreams of reality
making heart dance with splendor
mystery alive with a smile and wink.

Passions alive
with rich texture and display
ravish dance of distinguish rage
creativity caressing the heart’s desires.
Feeling love and loved. ~jh

A Joyful Conversation

A Joyful Conversation

I am honored to be a part of Joy Holland”s Joy in Daily Life TODAY! Listen to this and I hope you are inspired.

Joy Conversation


Day Three {Manifesting with Joy in Daily Life *free* teleseries}

Today’s guest is Jennifer Hillman from Jennifer

Jennifer’s bio:

A born educator, counselor and psychic adviser, Jen Hillman recognized her calling while attending an elementary school where she overcame a speech and learning disability (dyslexia). She then committed herself to teach others that they too have the power to do the same.

Jen’s belief system has been developed through a combination of observation, channeling, and the studies of the Mayan, Kabbalah, Shamanism, Christianity, and Buddhism, to name a few. She believes that souls choose the lessons or patterns prior to this lifetime, and make agreements with the spirits and souls that will guide, meet, and love them in this life. Besides her natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy, and channeling/mediumship, Jen has accumulated other certifications and licenses to offer the most guidance and assurance to her clients. Her certifications are listed below.

She continues her education with the best service herself and her clients. Her multiple gifts teach and educate her international clientele in recognizing their patterns so that they too may reach their goals and dreams.

Jen lives in the Southern Arizona desert with her tabby cat, Buttons. She works on her professional projects including her company Jennifer Hillman, Inc doing business as Angels Intuition, Inner Strength Coaching, and Abstract Illusions. Jen is also a published writer and poet. She has contributed to Huffington Post, Rebelle Society, Spiritual Poetry of Women and many others. She has two books of poetry published; “Embracing Souls: Poetry of the Dance, Volume I” & “Words of the Heart” with more of her poetry available on her She developed and teaches “The Inner Strength Self Awareness Program/Class” and “INOB, Individual Notion of Being.”

**To listen to my conversation with Jennifer (without signing up for the series), please click this link:

I am blessed to be surrounded by empowered woman who choose to celebrate life and create while they are celebrating. Many of them are sharing their manifesting experience and insights in this series. The list of speakers, and the registration series form, can be found on the information page, here:…/

Happy Manifesting!!


Abstract Illusions Radio (AIR) Returns

Abstract Illusions Radio (AIR) Returns


Abstract Illusions Radio is returning to this Wednesday at 4pm pacific time 7pm eastern time. The first guest is Astrologer Len Wallick of We will discussing the shifts of energies happening now and throughout 2015.

Others invited to the show are Ty and Dana Gorall, founders of; Filmmaker Ian Lawton on his project, The Dharma Bum and Inspirational speaker Steve Marabolli.

As the intro says…
Welcome to Abstract Illusions Radio with host Jennifer Hillman.
The show explores and reveals the human potential through creativity.
so enjoy the show to create a life you love.

I would like to thank Sherri Emily of, Richard Drake (voice & production of intro) and Martin Spence for the background music, “Pacific”.