November Holiday Special

November Holiday Special


It is time to prepare for the New Year 2017 and

Jen is offering a special offer to new and returning clients.

Her One Hour Session for $20.00 off for a limited time.
And you can split this into two 30 minute sessions.




Click the Add to Cart to get yours now.

now the small print stuff….

You must buy by November 30, 2016. You must prepay for the full hour session before you schedule your session(s). You must let Jen know at the scheduling time of the session if you are splitting this into two sessions of 30 minutes. If the 30-minute session runs over the 30 minutes, you will be charged for the extra minutes at a reduced fee of $2.00/minute to be paid immediately after the session ends. It can not be taken off the other pending 30 minutes.
You must use the entire 60 minutes or lose the reminding time, though if you have one question, follow-up is available.

This time must be used by January 31, 2017.



The Questions

The Questions

Anchor in Love


The question was asked,
“Are you happy being YOU?”

Interesting direct question
To open your mind
To the brilliance you shine
While singing your sweet song.

Then the question begs to be asked,
What does it mean…To be you?


The sums of your life,
The pain, joy and dancing through Love…
The experience of heartache,
Triumphs and Mistakes
The waves of Gratitude
in those simple moments
of breath, verse and song

Oh next question…
may silly or curious

Would you change your life?

Change all those things, people and tricks you learned
To be something different?


Smiling growing on the face…
The answer can be yes and/or no
Truly most of my life can’t really be changed.
Yet those moments that changed your path
that person that you loved that got away, left or ran?
Or the brilliant business idea that wasn’t followed through
and of course, those “what ifs?” can run for miles.

If that person didn’t get away
what other people wouldn’t you meet?

Those moments moving you from one adventure to another,
Would like to miss that adventure really?

Business idea, yes, timing is important…
“what if” that time is now…and not when you first got it?

The “what ifs” will always add to the excitement of possibilities
And the love of the adventure
of choices and choosing to create.

Who are you now?

How would or do you think
you would be better, different or changed?

The magic is in the Now…
Leaps of faith and trusting yourself.

So that is the last question here…
Do you trust yourself, enough to have the courage, 
To love all that you are, have been and still growing?

I sure hope so. ~jh


Colors of Life

Colors of Life


Before my eyes lay the ways of the infinite wisdom…
Of love and the glories that live,
Hidden in the heart, mind, and soul
as they dance across the universe
opening each door to me.

I have the choice to open and walk through
Or turn humbly or egotistical away.
Unmatched in the beauty, each door is a gateway…
Closer to the prosperity of wisdom
Worthy of the wisest men and beautiful women.

Think not, the women are not smart…
Ah she has the brightest of heart
With the union of strength and nurturing,
Knowing exactly when to use both, either or neither.

Come, Child, be that smart woman with the beauty…
Opening the doors before you.
And the men will follow like the cub to his mother…
To lover to the Beloved
A bee to a flower

Open your heart dear Child…
Show your beauty hidden inside with grace and wisdom.
Wisdom built on ley lines have a consistency power…
Never fluctuating from the pulse of the Universal Heart.

Plain as the color of the moment to appear
You two create each moment’s color
Being the brightest
Or reds, greens, and blues
Or the muted hues of the same

Create your palette and see the beauty
You have within you
Hidden, alive and ready for action
Breathe and you live…right?
Or do you?

If your palette be dried without the watercolor to rejuvenate it?
Pigments like the atoms of thought
Generate the essence within the presence of life.
Dull sky does change to be bright as the sun arrives
with the Colors of the yellows, oranges and reds hues…
Enriched textures of the mind’s journey

The soul longs to see the stars in all their brilliance
Dancing before the plights
Another connection of the heart
And soul lingering in the forefront of the colored moment. ~jh

As published on The Tattooed Buddhas

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