Grateful for Gratitude

Grateful for Gratitude

woman writingGrateful for learning
to see the puzzle pieces
of my life, the missing links,
and connections with others.
the mirrors and amusement
of divine guidance with joy.

Grateful for the inner voice
persistence with my resistance
understanding my willingness
to begin again… and truly listen.
Through the consistent
reminders and signs

I am growing as I am changing
through the transitions
new truths and perceptions
are surfacing
with the wisdom innately
knowing the course
as I trust
through breathing, relaxing
and continuing to listen.

Sit still and the waiting
of the muse amusing me.
Or do I amuse the muse?
Delights in the devotion
of releasing the doubts and denial.
living once again
in the wholeness of the being.

In Those Little Things

In Those Little Things

{color me impressed/fb}

{color me impressed/fb}


Found in the little things we do daily
the habits, good or the bad
Intentions made manifest
Is this really what we desire?

Found in the little things we do each moment
a smile, a doubting thought or maybe simply numb?
Intentions wait for instructions for manifest…
What do we really want?

Found in the little things we do in breathing
Love ourselves, enjoy the moment’s reflection
Intentions unknown and on automatic
Do we realize what we trust?

Found in the little things we take for granted
The sun, a flower, a bird’s song, a friend’s call
a hug and smile, the warmth of love, balance in abundance
Intentions natural and always within reach
Could this really be in our dream?

Time to time
I fall into darkness
wandering around in the unseen, yet felt
the depth of denial’s hug
finding the little things hidden
The habits and automatic leaps into the negative

Those little things that means so much
allow and accept these visits within
for the magic is also quietly dancing, smiling
as the inner child just cries in the silence,

echoing into the nothingness of dreams,
after getting lost in the in-between space of living.
Ego pushed the inner voice into silent.

Yet I feel the difference with the inner lightning
and this is way I let go and fall into the darkness
to light the way and find those little things.

So I stop and count the blessings
I clean and sweep, hugs and heal…
the inner child looks up as the magic takes her hand
as I listen closely to those in-between space
and the void of dreams unmanifest.
Feel the quivering of my soul’s heart relieved
as I manifest those little dreams in the reality I live. ~jh


#Trust Your Inner Voice/Child




Nighttime Visitors

Nighttime Visitors

moon venus

Within the stillness of the morn
as I see four planets whispering
in the darkness came the answers
Through the cawing of the animals
Horse, crow, dolphin to start
the reclaiming of my power

By remembering my journey
The highs and lows
And lessons learned
Each adventure taught me wisdom
Time to understand and start to live
Some of the vulnerable aspects hidden
Behind the mask that I wear to disguise.

I know some of my gifts
I throw away because of fear
Knowing I just suppressed
A truth of magic that lives inside
Time, the animals whisper
To ride, fly and swim again
In full power
I know what to do
And fear isn’t a worthy excuse
Time, again… to live my magic

The music of my soul sings deep
With Master Whale
The storyteller and holder of records
To sing my song
And release the depth of my powers wide
Dance with the fire
Burning inside of me
Aching to hear the truths
And simply be me again

The cycle comes and now
the wave takes me higher to see and hear
The clear messenger, Hawk as he circles
Death and life and let go and move further
With the help of the Great Mystery
Father Sun, Sister Moon, Mother Earth
breathe deeply and embrace the natural magic
Of all I am and always will be. ~jh


For the Love of Animals

For the Love of Animals



Interesting when one comes to think
of the simple lessons learned
by the others around us
being family, friends or even enemies
but of all, it is those silent ones
the animals who we make family
also the closest of friends
the cats, dogs or even birds
lizards, rats or maybe its a ferret

Just a simple look
we tend to get the gist
of what they are saying
maybe the way they just lay
tells us the moods and intentions
playful, hunting or simply sleepy
hungry and even like us
craving a little attention from touching.

animals bring magic to us daily
a smile, a laugh, and inspiration…
through the silence of their beingness
I have learned to relax and I will be fine
stressing out just isn’t in their nature
so we human can learn a lot
from those two or four footed friends.
perhaps it’s time to realize that. ~jh



And Smile More….

And Smile More….

Upon this blessed morn
as the clouds drift on
and releasing the beauty of the stars
Understand the miracle live withinsmile more
like those stars may be hidden
yet you know they are always there

Time to release and allow the magic
Out to dance
Bless the world with your true passions
Enjoy the miracles you have witness
the strength of your devotion
To friends and family…and strangers

Don’t stop now
breathe, center, repeat
May sounded repetitive
And a little boring
Experiencing the perfection you truly are
To dig for those diamonds
Hidden within
Relive the magic charms

All of this is just an experience
chosen through your mind
dream again
if you don’t like what is going on…
dream again

And smile more…

Be born again
reimaging your life
Dreams may seem to die
reformed in different dimensions
dreams always live
if your soul must live them
different direction brings new results

Be joyous in your living
Be happy just to dance
Be love in every moment
Be You in the truest ways
Be You in every form
You be joy, love, true… in all forms.

And Smile More….




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