Divine in Purple

Divine in Purple

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Music died again yesterday
Or was it just a piece of my heart
perhaps the universe needs more purple
in the galaxy
another star to shine a bit brighter
to show us the way home.

Tears in shades of purple
cover the world today
flooding with the impact
of the genius
5’2” powerhouse of song and verse
original, passionate, revolutionary
songwriter, musician, producer~

ARTIST in every form of the word.

Touching God with one hand
while embracing the world’s soul
with the other
living life his way
on a purple motorcycle of coolness
and divine goodness living in his heart

He died in an elevator
on the way up to Heaven,
after telling his fan
to save their prayers a couple of days.

We are all praying for him now.

He now graces the Universe with his brilliance.
Through songs, he got us through
kept us up and rallying
be your uniqueness and giving us permission
to “Let Go Crazy.”

We are all Diamonds and Pearls.
Thank You Prince Nelson.
Your Music of Love forever Lives.


RIP Prince… the music royalty in Heaven got you now.

#ripPrince #ripPurpleRain 

Aim for Life’s Ride

Aim for Life’s Ride



Life has turned underside down…again.
I got the hint in variety of forms and signs
Begin Again….
I only laugh and look a little deeper within
Listen for the inner giggles of my inner child
within the laughter is pure love and the light
guiding you to the arrow straight direction
I aimed high and shot with the bow
Now lost sight of where it landed
Ah the adventure begins once more
Full moon bright
depth in Scorpio
Death, rebirth and finding truth
surfacing from the soul’s hidden treasure
Surreal truths dancing
in the clouds of discontent
Passions linger with laughter’s smile
knowing joy is my truth
love is my aim
to be that centered sun
balancing with this moon intensity.
Satellites send signals to the heart
keeping me straight in the moment’s attention
Music soothes my mind
and whisper to me …
adventure craved to escape, yet
not the time for this now
slow down and breathe
allow the waves pull me in
to embrace the beautiful mess
and be the love of all that is.
Settle in balance of life’s journey
with the laughter of the ride. ~jh
Begin Again

Begin Again

{unknown artist}

{unknown artist}

Begin Again
the cards said
laying on my desk before me.

find your true foundation values
after forgiving the past misgivings
and release with gratitude
for the lessons.

Give intentions
and follow through
while letting
the universe’s vision unfold.

Align with Source
for the highest potential
exposing the hidden
brilliance and secrets
so all shared benefits all.

It opens the ways
to new possibilities
and opportunities
to create a new way of seeing
the unfolding of your path
with ease.

So Begin again…
and know you are not a lost star
but the galaxy of blazing magnificence. ~jh

Illusions and the Dream

Illusions and the Dream

fire circle free to be meI woke to the words…
“You are an illusion.”
Thoughts about being just a hologram;
a dream, vision or what?
Be real to the illusion
and do I disappear?

eyes and mind wide open
with the giggling from the inner child
to the game we call life
dancing with the experiences
decisions and second thoughts of doubt

Been called an angel
perhaps that is all I am
the illusion of light of love

Assisting others here
And then move on
Delighting in the dreams living. ~jh

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