Interesting when one comes to think
of the simple lessons learned
by the others around us
being family, friends or even enemies
but of all, it is those silent ones
the animals who we make family
also the closest of friends
the cats, dogs or even birds
lizards, rats or maybe its a ferret

Just a simple look
we tend to get the gist
of what they are saying
maybe the way they just lay
tells us the moods and intentions
playful, hunting or simply sleepy
hungry and even like us
craving a little attention from touching.

animals bring magic to us daily
a smile, a laugh, and inspiration…
through the silence of their beingness
I have learned to relax and I will be fine
stressing out just isn’t in their nature
so we human can learn a lot
from those two or four footed friends.
perhaps it’s time to realize that. ~jh



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