{unknown artist}

{unknown artist}

Words reach out like a hug
making the cold distance get closer
and warmer
the heart connection stronger
the reason for being more worthy

simple sayings
of gratitude,
of appreciation,
Of support,
Of love!

makes the tough times not so bad
helps with the seeming depth of darkness
somehow not so dark
that ray of light at the end
begins to shine within

the internet brings people together
in ways, that boggle the mind
yet we once had pen pals we wrote to
to bring the big world a little closer

sharing stories and simply being real
with that stranger out in the horizon
realizing we are mirrors
shining as a brilliant candle or star
in the darkness of living life

makes us breathe a little easier
knowing someone else understand
or is listening
making the bad times worth living
as we grow closer to our potential
because those words feel like a hug
making the cold world much warmer. ~jh