image by jennifer hillman

image by jennifer hillman

Moon of stillness
yet dancing in the night sky
are you humming your own tune?
Can I hear it too?

Smooth and silky
like satin on the skin.
My mind quiets
As the breeze sweeps the worries away

Looking at stars
Dazzling above
When the voice said softly

Come… come with me now
into the darkness,
your dream-time magic and mystery.

Come with me into your potential
Be willing to enter the void of your beingness
your seeming pain and discomfort…
into the infinity… the mystery.

Your dreams are your process made real
Your dreams show you the way,
Revealing breadcrumbs and ease.
Allow the darkness to reveal your light.

Be receptive to life’s gifts
it is the nature balance or movement of this journey.
Trust this moment
and allow the receptivity
to complete the circuit of love.

Follow the shimmering trail of stardust
to find a different way of seeing, hearing and being.
Harmonize with your present situation
Harmony carries you the way home.
Listen closely to your intuition, act now.
Follow where your heart pulls you.

Releasing the limits of your situation…
the music of your soul is your key
find your note and be love.
be luminous.
be the harmony.
be home.
be love. ~jh