{poppy bella pagan}

{poppy bella pagan}

The clouds may gather

The winds may quicken

As the inner storms brew…

Let down your guard

Rest easy in your heart

And let the rain fall as it must

Surrender be sweet, cleansing and needed

As the silence whispers you’ll be just fine.

Embracing the moments

Lessons and learning

Love reminds true itself


After the rain fall

Gently releasing the worries and questions

The sweetness of being dwells

As the rains purify the mind

And lets out the lingering magic

Opens the heart to joy

Scented breeze of nature’s perfumes

Plants and flowers’ nectars remain

Dancing in the air


The sun will shine

Each day you play

Allowing your inner magic out

Accepting the truth

With Faith, trust and love…

As the silence whispers, you’ll be just fine

As you embrace each moment
while smiling at the lessons, learning

And being the true Love you always have been. ~jh