{artist: Klimt )

{artist: Klimt )

Closing her eyes
The crickets seem closer
The chirping magically bring hope
centering dreams in the moment

Tears of joy
Tears of golden brilliance
Stream down her face

Knowing the authentic soul dances…
Knowing the true heart sings…
Knowing peace lives within her
as the mystical crickets bring this hope.

New Moon Goddess brings new beginnings
New opportunities and embracing love
Golden tears of happiness
as Trust emerges from every cell.

Smile beckons to shine
As the imagination comes alive
Whispers and insight springs eternal goodness.

Her heart dances and her soul sing
in song and tune
Only she can hear
Mysteries of the Silence lingers longer
as the smile appears so slightly.

She gives thanks for the visit
The crickets slip away into the early morning light
Leaving their magic and stardust dreams
Showing her the way to go.

Dance on with the magic
Sing on stardust dreams

All is well in the eternal goodness of love. ~jh