{~Des too funky divas}

{~Des too funky divas}


Child play among the stars and trees
Wandering about in wonder and awe
Driven to dance with tune and melodies
Living sweetly in her child heart
Voice be silenced and pushed beneath

Brothers and Sister more worthy
or is this true?
Or just an excuse for hiding her dreams

So dreams of other lands
realms of times not yet
and always present.

Imagination goes wild
Real and secure.
Wounds created,
Healed and festering
behind the pit of her mind.

Smiles hides the truth
As trust went hidden
and dreams faded to star-dust
So she continued to dance
with stars and trees

the breeze sings sweetly
her heart to breathe
opening her mind
releasing the monsters
and the magic
so long ago trapped
distant and cold.

Her magic returned
though hidden still
She waits for the sign
real for herself
Allowing her voice to be heard once again

The child just smiles
singing softly with the breeze
Knowing to trust herself,
the stars and the trees. ~jh