“Moments of silence or a word of release and surrender…opens and allows the heart to precious whispers of the Universe…”

Be the witness and truly look around and feel within you. Breathe and sit in nature, close your eyes and feel, see and be your higher self. Allow yourself to sit in the silence. Watch the life film in your mind’s eye of the people around you in this moment. See the mirroring of mirrors. With the full moon in Virgo, it is a time of non-resistance. You may feel like others are pushing you down, yet ask yourself… Are they really? They will not be able to push you down unless you are open to it and wanting to be pushed away, down or controlled. How are you being controlling? Do you trust yourself and the Universe?  Now after taking a little time to answer from your heart and your witnessing perspective… and not your ego, what are you seeing and feeling?  Feelings are what triggers you and gets you to react instead of response. There is a huge difference between reacting on impulse and responding to the situation which is presenting itself for your learning pleasure.

I have been resisting and irritable this last week until I stopped after realizing the mirroring going on around me. That ebb and flow of living as a human being are guiding me to this experience to learn. Thoughts of change and forcing change persistence can lead to just irritations. This is assistance us in the trust, relax and breathe… and as we all can relate to… another lesson on patience.  If it is meant to be done, it is done. Time is our illusion in the making.

It is showing us the balance of the spiritual side balancing with form. Most of us are more of more side or the other… again showing us the ebb and flow of consciousness. Simply stating the facts Jack… you can’t force things without jamming you up and creating exactly what you don’t want… to feel stuck in the muck of life. Or feeling overwhelmed by all you want to do and again, that stuckness comes to you. It really sucks. Time again to stop, regroup with your heart and intuition… the dancing soul inside of you that wants to have control if you allow it and the nature flow most humans are programmed to avoid, allowing the ego that control instead. It doesn’t work too well folks.

I can notice when a person is driven by passion or the ego’s control. Huge energy difference. I have seen it in myself once too often. For me, it is the balance of the Leo North Node and the progressive Aquarian Sun which I am working on daily. Opposition can create balance. Just finding is the learning curve we are looking for these days.

So I suggest to you, if this resonates to you… feeling an opposition in and around you… it is time to release and be the witness for a little bit, until you feel a deep joy coming up in your presence moment. Your passionate soul is dancing with the music of your heart. We each have a magically note within us… a homing beacon we can hear only within the Silence. Find and connect to your beacon, trust it and ask questions of it. Only then will the world you are creating make any sense. Only then will that balance you seek… truly be. Release the need and just be. In trust, we are guided, protected and provided for in showing us the right flow for us. When we embrace all the emotions and feelings and make sense of it without the need to react except to smile in recognizing it.  Release and Be the Witness.


“With the restlessness of feeling is the creating potential of being.” ~jh